I’d like to take the chance to wish all of my readers a happy new year. I thought I’d write a few words to reflect on this year and how it has been for me personally. But first, I’d like to sum up a few thoughts just by linking to this video brought to you by astronauts at the ISS, remixed into this time lapse image of the earth, which is for your enjoyment and meditation.

Continuing my post, I find words cannot easily describe all the things that went down in 2012, but let me say it was fast, powerful and destructive, but in such a way that pave the way for new growth and new possibilities.

This year I spent some time with my parents. I figure I should devote some time with them since they will not be around forever, although they are still only in their 60’s, they divorced when I was 11, and now live on opposite ends of Oslo. I can understand why, as they are completely opposite personalities and to figure they managed to stay together over a dozen years before all hell broke loose is evidence that the universe is completely capable of making hell freeze over twice or that some day we will see pigs fly.

My mother

With fantastic clairvoyant skills, no wonder she had a difficult childhood, unfortunately it was traumatic and due to that – and the intolerances of the times, she frequently was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, but somehow managed to get through it and take a university degree and managed to combine working in a museum as a curator and also spent much time painting oil on canvas. Previously deeply involved in New Age and Occult/Mysticism, she is today a devout Christian and because of many problems in the past fiercly avoid any connection to the Occult or indeed for that matter, any alternative views. She ignores any technical skills I have but hates my spiritual views because of their obvious disagreement with the biblical worldview/reality. Politically my mother votes for Christian Democrats. Or anything soft and weak.

My father

With absolutely no faith in anything immaterial, having studied nuclear physics, remaining a true atheist and originally a marine biologist, my father is a talent of the physical world, knowing everything that you can find in a dictionary, encyclopedia or even a manual describing how to build a radio receiver using vacuum tubes, (and the theory behind the electron behaviour), his artistic skills are water colors, but also woodwork, and creating anything beautiful of any kind of material (metal, carbon fiber, etc), his inventions range from specialized microscopes and cameras, and high-tech polymers. He totally ignores anything I do related to spiritual matters, but likes the fact I have inherited his logical and engineering skills. Politically he is somewhere between fascism and utilitarism and has solemnly promised to shoot an immigrant before he dies. I hope it is only something he says and not something he actually want to do. He also says that if he gets too old, and weak, I should shoot him in the head. Again I hope it is something he will then be too old and weak to care about if I should neglect to remember it.

December 2012

While originally intent on spending time with my friends in front of the fireplace in a semi-romantic moment of bliss, I reluctantly spent Christmas (ugh) with my Mother, who even insisted on reading the Christmas evangelion.. so to pass the moment of utter horror, I volunteered to read Luke 2-5 in the bible, so that I could stop for each sentence and analyze as I would any occult or mystical text. As it turned out, I could entertain myself with pretending that the text had any symbolic usefulness, and my mother indeed was surprised to find names and persons appearing in the short story that she didn’t remember having heard before, as most Christians just listen to the text go “bla bla bla” and then not really listening. The ritual of the opening of presents turned out to be a real treat this year; a metal detector; and the top model too, one that can discern what type of metal is in the ground. I am going to go into the forest to an old abandoned pilgrim road from the 12th century which has been reclaimed by nature, where I know people haven’t been for a couple of houndred years, and where some pilgrim or robber is bound to have lost something valuable..

My father decided to work on New Year’s eve, so I visited him the day before. Both my parent’s cooking skills normally suck, but he managed to cook together something nice, and I was glad to see him make use of the Japanese professional Chef’s knife I got him. But anyways it was nice I could spend some time with my majorly fucked up parents. (No wonder I was fucked up, during my youth too, seeing these two argue was worse than any psychological thriller movie of the 80’s).

Looking back at 2012, I seem to have passed a necessary but difficult phase of making some adjustments to my busy schedule – thus with more time permitting I should be able to manifest some of the things I started.

It’s been a good year although dramatic. I’ve had moments of realization walking in the dead of night, in the rain, in the historic part of Tien An Men in Beijing, China, with such a backdrop to remind oneself of the plots and ponderings of the nobility and servicemen of ancient days. I have been resting in the city of Gaudi in Spain, and had international meetings in London carried out in secrecy.  I’ve seen both material and immaterial things I have created become part of world heritage and history. I experienced this year, more than any year, how I really have friends and supporters in many countries. It is in most difficult times that you see who your friends are. It’s almost like some ancient drama repeating itself – timeless although we are just like actors, it’s the same script, although different props and backdrops for different ages.

I have a crazy life.

And I enjoy the highlights. Memorable moments include saving a businessman from the mob, exposing corruption in a hospital, changing the exhaust system of my car by myself, playing survival games in the forest, talking to a horse telepatically, meeting a world-renowned artist, saving a large corporation from bankrupcy, but one of the most memorable moments for me is when a seasoned journalist who was trying to figure me out, instead told me his life story and all his secrets. And the many late-night-hours spent with my young nephew watching Dexter, Walking Dead and japanese horror movies. (as well as playing Siren and Walking Dead on Ps2).

I wish I could explain every little thing I found amusing. But I would put people in danger by doing so, including myself. God, that sounds paranoid. And fuck, that is such a crazy thing to write “God” considering the blog and nickname I use. But considering, in every way, that we are each our own God, then God is not such a terrible word anyway. You would laugh, you would cry, knowing the stuff I know, yet you would feel empty and alone – at the end of the day, being God is hard work. All this creating and punishing takes its toll. (that last part was a joke).

Instead, ………………oh, by the way, since it’s New Year today, I must make a stupid promise, like all the rest. I promise to write more often. Seriously.