I just watched this movie, I was quite amazed on how much his life reminds me about my own. Seeing the image of this young hacker in front of the computer, giving up everything just to hack into a central computer, while living a life of someone like a misunderstood genious. While having people chase you down.

I too had a computer in 1989, breaking into computers while I watched the Berlin Wall come down. I never realised how things would turn out. I am almost sad to see so much of what my own teenage years looked like – again, it is so nostalgic.

This movie documents the life of a teenager hacker who later became the famous Julian Assange, who founded WikiLeaks in 2006, and became one of the most important persons in our century.


More info: ‘Underground, the Julian Assange story’, [imdb],  expertly played by Alex Williams,