I am posting online a follow-up Q&A (see original and first article here).

The response was:

Thanks for responding, that article has really helped. I’ll tell you about the experience and how I was when it happened. It wasn’t a nightmare I was fully awake in bed when it happened. As I lay in my room I felt a presence (like something was there with bad intentions) standing over my bed with cold spots and drafts everywhere. I felt a rush of fear and danger. Breaking out into a heavy sweat, panicking. I felt all over my body what I only describe as static. I then lost consciousness. When I woke up the following day I felt completely emotionally numb and I’ve been like this for ages though I’m gradually getting less emotionally numb. l cannot experience emotions fully. I’ve never had any re-visits. During that period of my life before it happened I was a deeply unhappy person filled with negativity. And in all honesty I think I brought the experience down upon myself. I’m going to learn about magick and use it to help myself.

My response:

Thank you for asking this question. As before, I decided to post it anonymously online in case it has value to other readers. My first thoughts upon reading your latest email is that what you may have encountered is a spirit. Your body react the way it does to warn you of indeed what you describe yourself is fear and danger. From my experience it would be very sensible for you to take necessary steps to protect yourself spiritually if this ever happens again. My intuition tells me that the visit may be a result of your negative thoughts, as such a mental state can attract lesser spirits who will feed of any type of weakness. Your best defence against these kind of spirits/daemons is to live a healthy life and nurture a positive approach to life, and fortify your spirit. If it is indeed your wish to pursue magick, I recommend getting this book: http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Magick-Lessons-Magickal-Llewellyns/dp/0875423248  which carry enough practical things you can try out for yourself to immediately understand what Magick is, and what good it can be for you. It sounds as if you are aware of things spiritual in nature, and you may have a better contact with the astral world than most. Don’t be surprised, though, that if you do rituals, you will see more. But then you will be more experienced and you will have the LBRP and other rituals to protect and guide you. Thus the LBRP are one of the first rituals to learn in this book, and it is not by accident. If you do start doing the exercises in this book, do keep me posted about your progress.