A follower of this blog asked the following question, and I decided to answer through a post so that other people could benefit from it.

From: (email withdrawn):
Date: 20 Oct 2012

one night i had a ghostly experience that left me almost emotionless

i did some research and it was something called astral attack

its like I’m emotionally distorted thats the best way i can put it
i know something must be wrong with my aura or whatever its called
could you give me any advice on how to repair my aura energy body
could you send me a link to a really good site that will teach me about magick
Dear  reader. It sounds like you have had a nightmare. You don’t provide many details about what happened, or what emotional state you were in before, during, and after, not to mention details about what you observed, so I don’t have a lot to work with to give you advice – but – based on your assumption that this is indeed an astral attack (again you don’t provide any detail of who would impose such a directed attack against you, or is it drive-by magick?)
You are not emotionally distorted, you are just confused. You should learn more about your spiritual side before you jump to any conclusion about what is wrong with you, there might not be anything wrong with you, or you may experience trouble on the normal physical plane that you create problems on other planes for yourself.
Nature is a great way to heal the body, just a simple walk in the forest can do wonders for you.
BUT! If you are into serious magick, consider “Modern Magick” by Donald M Kraig, he has a good introduction to an introduction. If you work with that, or any other beginner’s manual in Magick, I could tell you more. There is no “good site” that can really teach you magick, nor books, nor teachers for that matter. The only teacher is YOU. With that in mind, there are bad orders out there, some are dangerous, and others are just scams and simply doesn’t work (either because the people are mentally ill and full of shit, or because the magickal system they profess is flawed, incomplete, or yet another “great tradition” claiming lineages of 1000 years, while is really nothing more solid than a shady internet forum that has lasted for 2 years or less.

Right now it is impossible for me to recommend any esoteric order to you, because the good ones are secret, and invite-only.

You can read a lot about magick in theory and practice online. When you have, and can demonstrate, a basic knowledge of magick, I could point you in the right direction. For example, do the Middle Pillar and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or similar. I recommend working with Golden Dawn style magick, or A.:.A.:. which is slightly “same but different”…