Out of town

Out of town

At four in the afternoon, I get in my car and drive south. The Oslo traffic made everything stand still but like clockwork I sharply turn into a little known street and continue the small 50 km/h road doing 70. Ten minutes later I reappear on the main road going south, having passed the traffic jam, I proceed in 120 km/h passing the  100 km/h limit sign, having no cars in front of me, with a big smile on my face knowing I saved an hour of sitting in a traffic jam.

Traffic jams and me mix like oil and water.

I arrive at the gas station where we agreed to meet, he is blonde and his skin is quite fair, he doesn’t look a day older than the last time I met him, three years ago. He looks at me with eyes that are red and almost has a light of their own.

A few days ago I received a message suggesting to have this meeting. I find it quite interesting he has taken the initiative – considering it’s been such a long time, and we only dated for one week and it ended quite abruptly with no contact after that.

So what is his intentions, other than somehow, he finds me an interesting person now that he learned (via others) things about me he did not know before.

We go to a cafe in the basement of an old factory building. I notice he looks even younger than before – muscular, and even has some color in his skin for a change, not the pale, white as last time.

He laughs of my dry jokes, he has a deep voice, and his laugh reveals his natural fangs. Yes, fangs. Although he considers himself a spiritual vampire, the one that takes energy from other living people, and it all makes little sense, but hey, if that’s his thing, I think it’s just cute. He just tends to avoid silver, garlic and sunlight, but doesn’t sleep in a coffin, apparantly there’s a limit to how cliche you can get in these matters.

It doesn’t take me long to succeed in my objectives, first, to see that he still finds me attractive (check one) and second to see that yes, indeed he made some changes in his life and has ditched a few friends, now he’s looking for more friends, specifically the type of friends that have high energy, are connected to the spiritual, and well, live interesting lives, making interesting conversations.

Apparantly he would not have moved together with his current boyfriend had he known what he knows today, but hey, that’s what I also realised many times that in a relationship you NEVER end up with what you started with initially, and that is why I remain single, since after many relationships that failed, I just raised the bar, so the next one will have to work hard to get me.

We talk for three hours about life’s interesting twists and turns, and I enjoy this time with him, seeing how he is thinking DAMN hard about how to crack my code. Around nine, I decide it’s time to make the drive back to Oslo, and he is definitly confused. . having also failed to do anything to my energy except to feel its warmth and appreciate the complexity of my person.

I will tell you, this guy is hard to understand, but it’s so good to see he has grown up (mentally) to handle his feelings better. Atleast I am not confused about where I am – I would not mind if he decide to quit his current relationship and get back with me. The last time I was the one who got hurt. Now the table has turned. His last words before I drove off was “I have time anytime! Just call me!”