It’s really therapeutic for mind, soul and body to take a walk into the forest. I usually combine this healthy exercise with loading up with some gear like kevlar armor vest, which weighs me down, for additional exercise, but also prepares me for the eventual situation I need to move around in terrain carrying such equipment in case something happens, other than that, I enjoy time with friends and shoot some occational photos with a camera, and after dark we make a fire (using traditional methods) and prepare food. Often I like to collect mushrooms and herbs to really bring a tasty gourmet meal.

Nature will provide in abundance for those who take the time to use what nature has offered. You don’t have to go to the gym and exercise, or to the shooting range to perfect your shooting skills, or the supermarket to find food. Or just limit yourself to urban photography when the wilderness has so much to offer.

Forest picture - (c) 2012 LuciferianBlog

Forest picture – (c) 2012 LuciferianBlog

I make urban photos too

And art.. featuring myself and the cat

Even as urban people, we must never lose the inspiration and creativity that flows from the four corners, and the higher and the lower.