Remember I mentioned some time ago I would write a series on ‘luck’, or the art of obtaining whatever you need in your life.

First, you have to believe that everything you are today, your identity, your hairstyle, your choice of clothes, your situation in matters of love or finance and yes even your relation to other people and who you have in your life and everything that surround you —— is a result of your actions.

Taking full responsibility for what happen to you is hard. Especially when you feel injustified or someone did you wrong. True, random events are beyond your control, right? Wrong. The car that hit you, or the banana peel that you slipped on, accidents do happen, and it may not be your fault it happened, but what you decide to do about it is your responsibility.

Then we agree that most of your situation is what you have attracted into your life, except random shit that happens, but it becomes up to you how to deal with it. Then all things that happen must be filtered through a layer of responsibility that is owned by you.

Why I say so is that you can enjoy all the successes in your life, even the things you take for granted. And know that you did this.

Similarly you can take a look at everything that is not working well in your life, and know the truth, which is whatever it is, you either dragged it into your life, or you allowed it to remain with you.

The bad stuff that you are responsible for are actually good news in a way. It’s physical proof that when your mindset is on negative things, these negative things will manifest. And it’s easier to look and see the results of negative action and believe it than positive action.

The trick to get more luck into your life is to turn your attention to positive action. This means, if you used to worry about bills, start to visualise income instead. Instead of worrying about your bike getting stolen, visualise it being left alone.

Another word about negativity, is stop watching the general news. You won’t lose out. You will get important news from friends or other channels. If there is something affecting you, you WILL find out. Just stop listening to general news. They are not a public service, they are intent on making money. They bombard people with bad news, because it triggers your unconcious mind and gets your attention – it’s your old primal part of your brain that reacts to danger – fire – war – hate, etc, and it triggers the fight-or-flight response triggering subconsious fear and can even trigger panic attacks, sounds ridiculous I know, but I’ve experienced myself and it’s no joke sitting in lunchhour at work trying to look normal when you are almost passing out, and your heart race at 170bpm, for no apparant reason. Yoga and relaxation techniques can actually make it worse, since the primal system (neural circuits) are nothing to do with logic, i.e. by relaxing the body the fear response can become much worse, which is why so many people are stressed out without knowing and it manifests physically as fatigue unexplained, headache, heart race condition, cold or hot sweat, and diseases such as increased risk of heart problems, cold/flu, and so on. (Back problems, digestive problems, low vitamine and so on).

Stop watching negative news, stop gossiping and stop having relations with people that cause negative experiences or who talk negative about other people.

Now, visualise.

Visualise what you want in life.

What do you want in life. A Car? A Girlfriend/Boyfriend (or both)? A house? To become rich? To become a monk?

There are secret societies (that are not really so secret – but they are very exclusive “invite only” organisations). I am a member of several, and also been invited to many, the kind of clubs that hold meetings in a castle in the Swiss Alps, or on a luxury Cruise boat, where the castle or cruise ship is owned (not hired) by these groups. You will find some of the most famous people there, and then some people you never imagined. Also some people you never hear about but who own some of the largest corporations or companies in the world. You will find politicians and world leaders there.

You can join if you want, there is no requirement for age, race, religion or even any income. How can it be? The thing is that you have been lied to all your life, that your ability does not count, and that you can do nothing to change your life, get rich, or accomplish your dreams, or become anybody important.

The truth, is you have all this potential inside you, to be as good as the best, IF you can master the art that you already hold the key to inside you.

You have been programmed to deny all these facts that can be easily proven if you dare to try to.

The only thing you need is the ability to create visions and manifest them. Sounds easy – or maybe not, I know it sounds to good to be true. But the reason such organizations and gatherings are kept secret is because not anyone can have the proper mindset to create opportunities. Only when like-minded people who are already tuned into the magick “frequency” that can be summed up as “law of attraction” can anything happen. If you let in a busload of tourists, the noise of the people’s mental and astral minds being programmed would just create c haos.

You see, it’s not a rich man’s club, these people are beyond rich, they don’t even need your money to take you in and train you.

Now forget about secret societies for a while, because the real secret is that you don’t need them, they need you.

Focus on yourself for a while.

Now do this exercise for me.

See 100 dollars (or the equivalent sum of money) in your head, visualize it clearly.
See and feel this note (or cheque) – or a lump of gold, however it may manifest, and feel it, as if you can see it materialize in front of you. Now after doing this intensely stop. think about something else and do not visit this idea in your mind any more for a week.

See if something interesting turns up within that week.

Try it and let me know how it works.

In my next post I will explain more about what you can concretely do to increase your luck beyond visualising and wishful thinking. But let’s start here.