Before I begin my series on “Luck”, I’d just like to share this very surreal and hypnotising musical video from a 1979 movie about a young boy who has a talent, or, rather two talents. One is to beat the little tin drum he always keep close, the other is a scream that shatter glass.

The boy, played by David Bennent, is set on the backdrop of nazi Germany, but the idea is to see this boy stand out, isolated from time and place. And his skill is portrayed in only two dimensions, play the drum (forceful symbol of power) and scream (another forceful symbol, of which in the movie always commands respect and amazement, in one scene he puts the schoolteacher out by ruining her glasses, in another, the doctor is amazed about the talent and wants to write in his journal, after a frightening scene of screaming cracks into formaldehyde containers, sending animal specimens and a fetus crashing onto the floor, glass and formaldehyde all over.

The boy is played very intensely, making it more likely his childhood experiences will be accessible by hard contrast alone. I think of a Luciferian boy evolving, and I think about my own childhood memories, although my backdrop was different, I think all Luiferian children take in expressions in hard colorful contrast no different than this video.

Music video is best enjoyed with stereo headset, while taking in all the visual contrast, which can send a strong colored shockwave down your system, mostly because this audio+visual impression is  (a): very different than what you are normally exposed to, while at the same time (b): containing known symbolic references, hence creating (c): a powerful initiation into the mystical message that is beyond what can be expressed with words.

So enjoy this and please share any thoughts.