There are millions of books that tell you how you can “get rich, quick”. Most of them, if you look carefully at them, is the author’s attempt to narrate his or her successful path from a poor to a rich position. You hardly notice people writing books about themselves if they were already born into a rich family and just inherited everything without working for it and earning it.

But seldom do the advice add up, they are riddled with coincidence, so how does “luck” come into hard work? Are some people more lucky than others?

And the people who DO give advice, ask yourself, are the advice being given a PRACTICAL guide, or is it all theory? Has the author even applied his/her own advice to his/her life?

How does that author live? In luxury, in happiness? And lastly how many people who bought the book, read the advice, tried to implement them, became rich?

I can tell you, from experience, that if you really want to become a millionaire, nothing will get in the way of realizing  your ultimate dream goals, and further beyond into what you could never imagine possible.

I would only ask you to comsider carefully what makes you happy. You might feel that you are only happy when you have complete financial freedom and can have unlimited material resources. Please make sure then that this does make you happy, and consider the many things that also make people happy.

For some people, owning less things can become the key to a greater and richer life, writing poetry and living in a simple and open house overlooking the beach.

For other people, just being driven around Manhattan in their limousine by a driver and coming home to their butler is happyness itself.

You must define these things in your life that are differently manifested by people, and unlock the knowledge of what your material/mundane goals really are.

A simple method once you have these goals, and by far the largest pitfalls, is to think like a project manager, do a gap-analysis, and see not only the many, many steps missing from your current life to your goal, but also how astronomically far away all those things are in reality from your visionary goal.

True, there are many steps to your success. But some steps are missing, others will appear only when and if you are ready to take a leap of faith and walk into solid air crossing an abyss of doubt.

Because remeber there is something called luck?

In my posts now onward, I will talk a little more about how to get lucky, and how to undo major mistakes people make in their life.

Feel free.

(Notice I did not say feel free to ask questions or comment. I said something less limiting by saying less, I ended up implying more. Less = More. Be free. )