My German car from 1996, while an effective politically uncorrect 1.8 diesel engine, unlike the wines of France of that same year, does not get more brilliant as the time goes on.

So I got some tips, and read up on, and was also given a practical lesson – in how to polish and wax a car. This gave me some flashbacks to the movie “Karate Kid” from the 80’s, when Mr. Miyagi said to Daniel the apprentice: “Wax on, Wax off!”

After much “Wax on, Wax off”, my hands and arms (and back and other muscles I didn’t know I had) started aching.

While my Karate skills has not improved, the paint job on my car, (army green) is now more shiny, except some parts I repaired earlier this year, still a bit uneven finish.

So for no particular reason I found myself in the hardware store taking out a huge polishing machine with 3200 rpm. Amazingly I now have car shampoo in my trunk.

Then, the thought hit me: Why do I do this?

I think the answer is that no matter how spiritually enlightened, what you decide to wear, the things around you and how your car looks will reflect back on you.

If you wear dirty clothes, and never was your car, it doesn’t send the right signal.

Of course I could buy a new car instead of washing it, but since I don’t care about having the latest model, only a simple car I can fix myself without any electronics or gadgets that get in my way, plus all my car repair manuals are from 1985, then I still want to wash my car, and make sure the exterior of the car is OK – since the car’s exterior is socially speaking an extension of my own exterior and psychologically we tend to polish our exterior.

Think about my 3200 rpm polishing machine the next time you update your CV.