In dream and life I am here, totally aware.

I enjoyed this day as I try to make every day productive, in terms of acheiving small goals using golden opportunities that pop up every now and again – understanding how these golden moments worklike a chess game – over time – can make even a simple project move on like an overture of a symphony orchestra.

Like one day with my sixteen year young friend, who can safely pass as a luciferian and an apprentice of mine (compare to medieval protege), we were enjoying a sunday at an antique market. He bought memorabilia from WW2, as he is keen on medals and military documents, while my interest fell on a numbering machine, a stamp which makes a number on papers, sort of like a regular rubber stamp only this one counts and is made of metal. It was completely eroded and stuck so I got it for less than 5 euro.

Next week I remembered to bring it to my father when I visted. Keen on mechanics I knew I would later get a telephone call, telling me everyting was now in small pieces soaking in machine oil.

Today I could pick it up, I just assembled myself the now shining and polished metal parts, cleaned and looking new. I could check on the internet where I found it is a rare stamping machine made in Germany around 1896, and it is worth a small fortune.

Yesterday I made my mother happy, taking her to an expensive traditional norwegian restaurant which she could never afford to go in her youth, and she never went there as she always had to make an excuse for not going when her more affluent friends went, and the place being famous for its apple cake. So yesterday we had apple cake, from that place famous for its world class apple cake. At 12 euro per cake, it should be damn good, and it was.

Arriving later that day in the evening, I was bored and logged on to a gay dating site. I made a date there and then. I called a gay friend and asked if he could join me. Which he did. He is just a normal person – a late 30s waiter at a restaurant, still in the closet, but has filthy rich parents and he lives in his penthouse apartment in the most expensive part of town, caring for his hobby which is photography. And he is not into girls, although I just invited him to a treeway with a transvestite goth with scary looking tatoos and real vampire teeth. I will spare you the details but I needed someone to help do all the work as I was also a bit tired (hence the need for teaming up). I got what I wanted, he just was confused.

The trans-goth-vamp kid turned out to be a nice guy. He was so dissappointed to have so many people make appointments with him and not show up. Imagine a perfect girlish body in white pushups and g-string with a very slim but muscular torso with goth tatoos and a boyish face with vampire fangs dominating its features. Such a perfect blend of masculinity vs femininity. (compare baphomet)

Then, vampire kid jumped in at opportunity, he needed to take a shower and asked me if I know a plumber, since the hot water mixer didnt work. I told him that due to my personality I know plumbers, dentists, lawyers, doctors, whatever you need. And he got the number to my plumber and dentist, since he had a problem with one of his fangs after being hit by 14 gang members with a steel pipe. How he escaped that assault I don’t dare to think about. All I know is that he was laughing so hard at the emergency room, everybody thought he had lost it.

On our way from there, now just me driving my very confused friend back to his penthouse apartment, he managed to say (as I explained what I did earlier) that he knows the cook in this place and he will get me the recipe! This means I will give to my mother and she will try to make the same apple cake.

Only nine minutes from midnight I felt at that time I had a productive day, filled with happiness for me, and creating more goals, using golden opportunities as they come along. I drove home in the rain with all windows open, soaking in the rain, the heat from the rainy summer night, the smells of nature.

Later I heard via another friend my friend had the most exiting night of his life.

To me, it’s just been another weekend.