Most paths (spiritual or religious paths) are what is known as followers of the “Right Hand Path” (RHP). These traditions contain conformity, devoting oneself to a higher deity, and the subordination of mankind as dominated by one or more deities, often a single vengeful god that punish people for being .. people. The norm is rules, and rule by fear, and ignorance.

The “Left Hand Path” (LHP) is known as the path less travelled. The traditions that fall into the LHP should contain  non-conformity (to the general society’s values), self-deification, and the ascension of man as the supreme being, lifted up to one day re-emerge as god. The norm is, no norm, and the variety can, unfortunately, be so diverse, it is no easy task to describe in one sentence just what LHP is.

Over the years, I have seen many, many, many people come and go, claiming to be a follower of the LHP. Some of them practise Satanism, with a distinct interpretation which resemble a familiar Right-Hand Path tradition, only with all symbolism and value-set inverted (The secular LaVeyan Satanism, for example). Amazingly among their own group, rules and conformity emerge, and while most are no longer fearful individuals, are still very much under the effects of the kind of socio-religious programming of a Christian society, they are attracted to and claim to represent the LHP simply for being ‘opposite’ of Christianity, which is kind of beside the point, especially if it result in long and hopeless religious debates among Satanists and Christians alike. (As opposed to the development of the Self into Self-Deification).

Even Spiritual Satanists fall into a religious pattern which just when it expands and become popular slide into the description of any RHP path.

Then there is the “Middle Path” (or Middle Pillar) of neither straying to the right or to the left, which some RHP’er fear for its occult/mystic nature, and the LHP’er looks down upon as “bland” or less potent road to travel.

I think the LHP is for people who truly take responsibility for themselves, regardless of their choice of tradition. I could be a Luciferian dressed as a medieval Christian monk, using symbols, items, and idea-universe for my magickal and spiritual development, or I could as easily replace it with any other paradigm, as it suits me. I would be wise to select a pantheon and symbolic universe that I know well, such as the one I grew up in. Or I could devote my work inside a Zen – ish traditional bubble, without losing the fact of being Luciferian or practising Luciferianism.

It is sometimes also said that the LHP is a path for people that perform or follow a way that is taboo in society or which may be shocking behaviour to society. While it is certainly true for some kind of mystics all over the world, and some practises in secret societies (that keep secret precisely because of the risk of persecution by society), it is not the only way to practise the LHP. Then there are the really dark paths, that certainly should go into the LHP category, without the idea that LHP is only for dark paths or really dark magick like necromancy or ritual murder.

But because of the dark connection, and sometimes the indiscriminate references in mainstream media, the LHP is most often confused with dark sects of mystics or Satanists that burn churches or kill people. Which is kind of sad, since it doesn’t reflect the entire truth about the diversity among LHP’ers (and Satanists), but most people don’t know that the LHP is and they don’t teach about the various types of Satanism in schools, so people are left to their own devices to discover what is real and not.

Luciferians are easily categorised as LHP, but can just as easily move through these paths, Middle or Right Hand, without effort and by the will of each Luciferian, since each Luciferian is a unique singularity and divine entity, or one that is awakened or awakening, from these simpler paths into the true path of Enlightenment, the no-path, no-mind, non-attachment, non-dual and holy place of reuniting the Divine Self with the ultimate Godhead.

In this way the Luciferian travels all paths known, and unknown to Man.