It’s been a while since my last blog update, and in the name of honesty I experienced one month of the Dark Night of the Soul (*) otherwise more correctly in esoteric terms I had an Aphophis phase. I got a fever from an unknown infection, no antibiotics helped and I had 40 degrees centigrade fever for almost a month. My normal temperature is 35 C which is 2,5 degrees colder than the average person.

Then as I get back to work, I have to investigate a security breach, involving police investigators and civil courts. Not the kind of work I would like to have as I am already one month delayed in a project for a big phone company where I am lead architect. I also had to drop a government contract simply due to lack of time, too bad, it would have been fun to do an ISO 25000 risk management audit.

Then on top of that, some people I thought were my friends whom I confided in, revealed political and government secrets behind my back to take political opportunity and badmouth my name. I managed to expose them and clear my name, but still at the cost of some very important people thinking bad about me for one month.

*) For those of you who know what “The Dark Night of the Soul” means magickally, no, it was not really, but it felt pretty close.

For my musical interpretation of the feeling for people who let me down, I dedicate this wonderful song from the mid-90’s:

On a lighter note, I recovered thanks to friends I spent time together with for 3 days in a remote area, this really recharged my batteries. And I learned how to  become a Reiki master. More about that later.

And I was inspired to brush up on my Goetia invocations, although sinister (atleast to the disrespect towards daemons) but more about that later as well.