It’s not very gnostic to create a system of something as opaque and spiritual natured as a Luciferian’s identity as Luciferian. But to help try to define what a Luciferian is, I will make this list of assumptions to show a general pattern or distribution of the different degrees of Luciferianism there is. The allegory here is: Sometimes a rough drawing of a map on a napkin can be more useful than being lost in the actual wilderness…

Master Luciferian (Adept) – a well-recognised Luciferian who by existance help define the Luciferian Principles in all ways, often being quoted by others as a teacher or professor would by students.

Recognised Luciferian – a self-proclaimed Luciferian who relates to Luciferian Principles who is recognised by several other Luciferians who also resonate with the same.

Self-Proclaimed Luciferian – one who calls him/herself Luciferian but so far has not related to, or received recognition from other Luciferians.

Self-Evident Luciferian – an exceptional personality or talent, or behaviour linked closely, or interpreted otherwise, to Luciferian Principles, who either does not declare him/herself as a Luciferian, or does not know that he/she qualify as Luciferian.

Luciferian by proxy – some other type of occultist, LHP or gnostic personality that display abilities, talent and understanding but chooses not to identify as Luciferian yet share many of the same values.

Luciferian Candidate – someone who has the potential to take the step into fully evolving as Luciferian, but who is on the threshold of personal development.

Hobby Luciferian – Someone who takes the title of “Luciferian” but does not speak, act, decide, or develop in any way towards Luciferian Principles, compare to dilettant (amateur, dabbler).

Luciferian Curious – not a Luciferian, but who has taken an active interest in the matter and displayed positive interest.

This list is not complete or accurate by any means but made to inspire more thoughts and insights as to many levels of Luciferianism.