I am hiring (through an agent) a lab in the U.S. to do a mass spectrum analysis of my hair, as part of my ongoing research about my health and special needs as Luciferian / Indigo. It has long been a suspicion of mine that the western processed food is more or less poison, unbalanced or that I am not getting the correct minerals and enzymes I need.

The analysis report will provide me with a full historic view on mineral data, nutritional facts and what kind of metabolism I have, as well as traces of heavy metal or toxines I might have. Most importantly, information will lead to knowing what cleansing cures is necessary and how to adapt my diet to best suit the needs of my body from a scientific level.

It will take atleast one month before I get all the data in and process data from four other people I know of who are going through the same tests and who are finding out more about their health and how diet and environmental aspect affect their lives.

Link: http://www.traceelements.com/