A friend once said: “If people just masturbated on sigils more, their magick would be much more effective”.

Put simply, sigils charged with energy are quite effective as rituals, and they don’t require much skill, tools or time.

All you need is:

1) a pencil, or more traditionally a feather pen and ink.

2) a piece of paper, or more traditionally, a small piece of pergament or papyrus.

Optional: a black altar in the east, or central in your room of magickal working. Magickal black robe for yourself.

Then what you do first is to create the sigil.

This will be a single symbol containing the complete outcome of this magickal operation. How you create the sigil is up to you, as long as you create this symbol, and it has this meaning to you. A safe way to create a sigil is to combine normal letters of the alphabet together (writing them “on top of eachother” until they form an abstract glyph that is impossible to read, except it contains the full symbolic meaning, of course).

Why a sigil has to be an abstract glyph

The forces you will be working with has to pass through the conscious mind  to access other planes of existance. In this way it is necessary to work with an image or symbol that you will bring to life, that has no meaning to your conscious self, thus it is able to pass onto the astral where the symbol can come into life and perform its work. Your conscious mind is too critical and full of doubt to allow free and charged symbols to be astrally projected.

A word about black or white magick

If you want to do a destruction ritual, you must hate your target, wether it be an individual or organization, most probably if you’re inexperienced it will be best to focus your hate on the individual, visualising the complete disintegration of the person, ideally some piece of hair or other effect or reminder should be put on the sigil, and then all your negative hate must be projected onto this in a frenzy. More about creating the neccessary energy later.

Most people dabbling with occult power are deadly afraid of doing black magick, but I would be equally afraid of doing white magick wrong, as both could have unwanted consequences. Let’s face it: if you don’t accept the full consequences of your magickal action, why dabble with magick in the first place?

Personally I don’t think there is any difference between black or white magick.

Similarly, a “positive” ritual, like healing someone, or constructive ritual, or neutral, like something you want (money, or other object of your desire), the focus needs to stay equally intense, but in this case it is things you want, so you put positive things into it, focusing all your energy on the object of desire.

Raising the energy

Once you have the sigil, and you raise focused energy, you are going to take this initial energy and multiply it with a certain technique. There are many possible, which I will mention a few:

1)Trance, a semi-active technique is to go into a frenzy of dance, movements or other to create an altered state of mind. This serves two purposes, one is to bypass your consciousness that is certain to hinder your magickal intent otherwise with fear, doubt or critic. The second is to charge the sigil with magickal energy. At the peak of your trance (which can be induced by drums, music, or dance, or a combination) you visualize the symbol intensely and see that it is dissolved into energy. (This part is important). After the ritual the physical counterpart of the piece of paper must also be destroyed. This part is also very important. Then the most important part of all is to do something else. Go for a walk, go see a movie (non-occult) and whatever you do, don’t think about the ritual, sigil or anything, just wait and see what will happen.

2) Meditation, a passive technique, same as above, but instead of a trance, you visualize the sigil in a state of meditation, completely creating the sigil in the astral plane, forcing all rational thought to dissappear, into a no-mind state of focus. Once most intence, again visualize the sigil be absorbed and be dissolved. Then follow advice as in 1).

3) Masturbation, an active technique which is also my favourite (for its magical potency, pardon the pun), which seem to accomplish both the above, both a trance and a no-mind ecstatic meditation, and through the orgasm, a great amount of energy is focused onto the sigil, which then can be dissolved into energy. Then follow same procedure as in 1).

For all methods, it is important to (a) raise energy, and once the energy peaks, (b) project that energy into the sigil, clearly visualizing it materialize on the astral plane, then (c) visualize it being dissolved/as it is being put to effect in the astral.

Similarly, once the magickal working is done, FORGET about the ritual, and do something else. You risk tainting the results otherwise. Keeping the sigil either physically or in your mind can open dangerous psychological obsession or unwanted energies, so destroy it immediately and put it out of your head.

Of course, you should ideally open and close the ritual using any form of banishing, as is custom for most magickal operations, . Some traditions cling to banishing as necessary. I wouldn’t see it as necessary at all times, but certainly if you are doing a destruction ritual.. or you are inviting real problems into your sphere. Oh, and don’t do destruction rituals in your bedroom, do them some other place far from your house. And don’t do any other ritual the same day.

Positive rituals should be done in the room you set aside for such purposes, otherwise if you’re doing them in your bedroom, you should banish afterwards, just to clear the work. Also to separate any different ritual you would do later.