My version of this article.

1. Journal

I have one handwritten journal (moleskin) for my work, and a separate one for magickal/spiritual work.

2. Whiteboard

Anywhere I work there is a whiteboard. All offices should have one. I find it nice to use when working a problem in solitude, or when discussing ideas with a team of engineers, information architects or management.

3. Smartphone

Anything I need to document or note down, I note on my smartphone (iPhone) using either the Camera app (photo or video recording w/sound), Evernote (upload written notes, scanned documents, or photo/video), GTD (Getting Things Done) task manager (for noting down tasks that I do according to the GTD method), and my Calendar which is automatically synced to all my email accounts.

4. Eliminate what is unneeded

If an item is no longer required, sell it, give it away, dispose of it.  Less unneeded items, less clutter.

5. Keep everything in their proper place

It is easy for mounds of unrelated chaotic paper to build up.  Make sure everything is actioned, binned or filed away in their proper location.  Once a small pile of paper gathers, it reproduces like rabbits, and in weeks you have a problem. The same applies for computer files.

6. Process tasks

Process tasks on a daily (Calendar, Todo list), weekly and monthly basis. First do things that MUST be completed today, then start doing the next task that should be done. on a weekly basis you should check wether your short term goals and projects are being reached. On a montly basis check that your long term goals and projects are being reached.

7. Celebrate success

Once a major milestone or breakthrough, a new client or successful project has been made, celebrate!