I wanted to write with more focus, less distractions. I found an Open-Sourced piece of software that works on Linux (and if you use Windows, or Mac too) called FocusWriter. I fired it up, installed a Vintage Paper theme from blog.scrybr.com.

Instantly I was inspired with the clutterless and organic feel similar maybe to sitting in front of an old-fashioned 1940’s typewriter, I could almost feel and smell paper and machine-oil, and I wrote this enigmatic phrase just out of the blue, which kind of took me by surprise:

It’s not what matters the most, it’s what matters less.

I think now I have what I have always missed, a typewriter and a piece of paper, to focus and write and let creativity flow, and everything I type can instantly be copied and pasted into the modern, digital world. It’s a good bridge between the old way of doing things, and the new way of doing things. I even found the software has built in typewriter sounds.

This will keep me amused and enjoy writing much more, as I continue to need to type texts for projects, work and private subjects, even for this blog.

Update: I had to do this in order to get typewriter sounds to work in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.