I see this all over the internet in various form; people are slowly realizing that something is wrong with money.  But maybe it’s not the money itself that is the problem, it is the way banks have stolen the value of money and created debt. Then society has expanded on debt as a way of doing business (“creating more money”) but intentionally hollowing out what was once real, conrete, as solid and tangible as gold.

In the beginning, money was just a recepit for deposited gold. Back then, money had a 1:1 value. Then, the banks soon learned they could give people more receipts and take the people’s deposited gold and invest in something without them knowing, since it’s always something deposited anyway and people won’t notice unless they all claim their gold at the same time.

Over time, no gold was left and we ended up with the situation today where money is just numbers inside a computer. Fooled everyone and continues to this day.

Today however, the value of life is measured in money and profit, ensuring all kinds of problems in all sectors.

But money itself is not the problem, it is the way debt and profit is built into the system which has created an effective machine to oppress the people, force consumers into a herd-like behaviour of constantly buying more things that deteriorate (planned obsolescence) and poor people are getting poorer and rich people are (thinking they are) richer while in reality, the real value of value like hard currency and saving resources has almost become forgotten.

The only thing that can fix this situation is for spoiled people like the modern society hit a brick wall and reboot their software. We all need to re-learn to balance needs against nature, and make transactions honest again by eliminating money as a means of profit-driven economy and instead make tokens of real value, real work, real buildings and not just inflated numbers that by themselves are worthless, just like the western society.