Say useful things, or say nothing at all – I don’t say anything unless it’s useful or interesting. I will not write an article that I do not enjoy reading myself. I will not keep a blog unless I read every article myself, checking back on them. Although full-blooded Norwegian, I share a trait with the Japanese. I loathe the pestering idle chitchat that is so commonly a plague among europeans. I will sometimes not reply to something people say, and in our western culture, people tend to get very uneasy about this. But sometimes it is not worth saying anything, and people who know me well knows that silence can speak volumes. This is especially useful in romantic situations where usually the first one who speaks ruin the moment.

Do everything with a creator’s mind – Everything I make or bring into existance, must follow certain principles of taste, tactfullnes, and aesthetics. Any piece of writing, song, painting or work should be elegant, simple, and integrate well with other similar work of high quality. Everything I make should meet my standard of quality and should ideally transmit a microimpression of my values and ideals.

Know when to fight, and when not to fight – Applying the tacticts of Sun-Tzu. I strongly dislike lies and treachery so I will be brutally honest, even sometimes to my strategic disadvantage for a short time, since in the long time, although truth can sometimes hurt, truth will outlive lies. If I have to, I will remain silent, until the decisive move. I will avoid direct confrontation so as not to waste my time and energy on people and entities that are not relevant to me. When necessary I will create a confrontation to put my perspective into full light – should there be any doubts about my determination.

Allies and friends – in every stratum of societies, I keep friends and allies that in different levels, even from right to left, and according to different abilities are able to come to my assistance at a moment’s notice, for any type of problem that may occur; from simple and mundane matters as a broken pipeline or car engine problem, to more serious problems like personal threats or spiritual advice from gurus or zen monks, or legal help, or advice in economic matters, or when I need help from the secret underworld, or the more diciplined army-type Special Forces. It’s funny to say I also know a ninja, but he really is a black-belt ninjutsu practicioner, and the wierd thing is I got him into martial arts when we were kids. His life would later be very complicated but I know he saved my ass once, of which I am ever grateful.

With style – I try to do mistakes with style, otherwise, I just think to hell with everyone.