In the “thank you to my readers” post of Alex Jones, the topic of writing block inevitably presents itself. As anyone with any work related to writing, this will happen sooner or later. Blockings are, however, not just limited to the anecdotal pen and paper situation.

Blocking can manifest in many ways, sometimes even in what I refer to as ‘inertia of the mind’, and in that expression is a hint of the solution: if you ever tried to move heavy furniture, you notice the initial force to make it move is great, then, once it gets moving it is easier to move as long as it keeps moving. The moment you stop completely, it takes that much force to even move a millimeter.

Blogging is like moving heavy furniture?

It’s all in the mind. If I don’t know a topic I might struggle for a while, get distracted with other priorities and then another blog post doesn’t happen. And I choose not to publish if I don’t have anything useful to say, that’s one of my rules of engagement. (just found an idea of what to write about next).

OK – so my next post will be about my rules of engagement – how I tackle the world. Even I look forward to reading that post. That’s another rule by the way – that if I don’t find my own blog exciting to read and read up on my own blog I don’t expect others to.

By the way there are many techniques to defeat writer’s block – even the WordPress site (a blog hosting provider) is full of these advice. You just have to look them up. But before you can begin and apply good tips, you must do one thing, which is to get your thought process moving, and keep up momentum. It starts by doing. Just write. Don’t care about what you write, you will edit yourself afterwards. Delete everything that is useless, and only keep your genious stuff.