Think about the people you surround yourself with in your life. Some people in your network have an importand role, others have not. These are some types of people you could sort your people that surround you into.


Some people are in your network to protect you – in one way or another, and protection can be in the form you could not imagine, yet it’s there in the open.


These are people that can attend meetings for you, or who can provide information to you about other networks or social settings you aren’t in, for some reason.They must be people you can share information with in confidence, and trust as friends. Short-term relations of this type may not be aware of you using them for information.

Support team

These are your colleagues or extended friends, lending advice, trusted opinions, or people you use temporarily to do things for you. Some of the more temporary relations can be cut, and its therefore wise to engage relations in such a way that it can be severed easily.


These are people that can help you terminate a relation. Just like you don’t normally invite two of your friends that hate eachother’s guts, if you invite them to the same party you eliminate one of them (or both) from your network.


Any person who is a threat should ideally be avoided ,manouvered out of your network or eliminated(*), unless that person is an asset, then, once the asset is used should be dumped as soon as possible.


1) Ask yourself which category your closest friend belong to?

2) Ask yourself which category your lover or husband/wife belong to?

3) Ask yourself which category you belong to, for each of the 10 most closest people to you?


*) When I say eliminated, I do not mean literally removed, but socially removed from your network.