Fellow Luciferian, listen.

The material world is experienced as emanating from concepts of dualities such as cold, warm, light, dark, love, hate, strong, weak, feminine, masculine.

As human beings that exist in this realm, we are split into male, female, and our own bodies are expressions of the same dual nature.

As Child of the Earth, you grew up realizing you were different, that you are attracted to some qualities of experience, and repulsed by other.

Our bodies need to breathe, drink, eat, have warmth, have sexual relation and finally the last wish is transcendence to the higher level of existence.

The work is carried out to achieve this, through mundane work, love, art, and the quest to find truth in the form of science, mathematics, magick or alchemy.

These are the noble steps towards one’s own liberation and salvation.

You explored the theories of the Platonic world of ideas, mathematics, and philosophy of existance, you played with the earth and the elements and moving and immovable principles of nature as the child Emperor destined to one day reclaim the whole Kingdom. You explored love in all its forms, and sexuality in all its forms, and found beauty in arts.

The traps or pitfalls come in the form of dispair, hopelessness, greed, misuse of power, sadism, and parasitism.

Liberation of the self is not to fall into dispair, hopelessness, greed and misuse of power by actively challenging the degenerate society’s existing dogma and rules which is a result of this decay – or descent from the Divine – or “fall” if you want.

As Luciferian, you may be fallen, but you are always an Angel, as you are always aware of your connection to the singularity, the single point which is neither male or female, neither pain nor pleasure, neither dark or light.

It is not an impotent Zen place of void or nullification.

It is not a Middle Path of existing between two extremes, as not being able to decide black or white.

It is the return to what can not be expressed in word.

Even a simple gesture to try to define this singularity is useless,

A Zen monk could use a logical paradox known as a koan or riddle to short-circuit your brain to not-think for a second, to silence your blabbering mind to accept the truth, if only for a moment,

yes, you are fallen. So just get up.

I could say something similar although I am not a Zen monk.

this is not here.

If you are still confused about this post, then it is OK.