While researching the alleged links beween occultism and nazism, I stumbled across a book about magick called “Magic : History, Theory and Practice” written by Dr. Ernst Schertel who in the 1920’s gave away a signed copy of his book to Adolf Hitler, who made extensive notes and marked several passages. The book was later discovered in Hitler’s private library.
One of the marked passages reads:

“He who does not have the demonic seed within himself will never give birth to a magical world.”

I leave it to the reader to speculate the historic importance occult influence may have had on Hitler’s rise to power, which many people believed came from a “hidden force”. The pope was even to have tried to excorsise the devil out of Hitler from remote, three times. (and failed)
Believe it or not, in 2009 the book was translated into english.
Take a minute to think. How many chances in life do you have to find a book about magick that is annotated by Adolf Hitler?

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