The event last night was by surprise and not deliberate. I have been able to induce a Lucid Dream in advance before. The techniques you can use to induce a Lucid Dream vary from person to person. If you are familiar with magick or raising and controlling energy / Qi, you can do a visualization of yourself being awake in a dream before going to sleep. You can also try to meditate before going to sleep. One of the simpler techniques which require more time, but done consistently, will produce certain results, is to form the habit of writing down your dreams immediately after waking up. You have around 20 seconds to do so when you are waking up, so you should keep a pencil and paper next to your bed / place to sleep and begin writing immediately upon waking up. As you wake more and more, record the date, time, and any surrounding information you might want to keep as reference, such as the weather, astrological influences, moon phase, temperature, and your subjective notions and comments on your dream.

As you keep a dream diary, you will form a better link between the dream world and the material world.

I have been successful using the diary method and sometimes using self-hypnosis before going to sleep.

Lucid Dreams are well-known scientifically proved phenomena, and is frequently mentioned in popular culture, especially among the so-called “new age” culture. People from all times have tried to master the art of inducing a Lucid Dream, using every remedy, from drugs, to rituals.

In my next post I will dicuss Astral Travel, a related area of interest.