This night I had a “Lucid Dream”, as in a dream where you realize you are dreaming. So I find myself suddenly in a very complicated dream environment. Too complicated to describe in 999 words, I just include a computer generated rendering, and you can have an idea. Notice the lamps next to the path.

So to test whether or not I am self-aware and conscious in my dream, I decide to pinch my arm, and this dream-landscape did not go away. I thought “wow .. I am in a Lucid Dream!” another test is to hold your nose and breath through it. If you can still breath it is also a good indicator that you are having a Lucid Dream.

Then, I knocked on the lamp, and I could feel it, not hot, but I could feel its paper-like texture, smell the surrounding forest, listen to the impact of my palm against it, see the light reflect and cast shadows, and I could slap the lamp around for a bit and it behaved as expected, normal physical reactions.

Feeling more bold as I realized in this universe, I am the All-seeing, All-knowing, omnipotent being, the Master of the Universe, I decided to try telekinesis (where you think that an object moves and it actually moves just by thinking and not touching it). The lamp moved again, no hands, just willpower. Cool. Then I moved along and found another lamp, I decided to make it burst into flames just by thinking. Nothing happened. I tried moving it by thought, and it barely moved. I was struggling now. All this place to discover, yet I found my omnipotent powers very limited and not under my complete control. Was this not my dream? Was it not my brain that had constructed this whole fantasy world that my ego and self-consciousness now found itself trapped in?

Then, what seemed to be an Angel of some sort, appeared, as some kind of supernal being, or entity – and it expressed a sigh (of disappointment) …. and said: “you have all the power in the universe, and THIS is how you spend your time in a Lucid Dream?” clearly referring to my intention of having total dominion over a couple of paper-like lamps still dangling.

I went to explore more of this world and as I remotely like a faint echo in my mind started to realize what the hint was indeed pointing to, the ultimate goal and purpose of Lucid Dreams, possibly even the answer to the ultimate question of the purpose of Life, and the Meaning of the Universe, I…. woke up.

I had my usual day and then I wrote this.