I am so busy these days that it’s almost embarassing to have friends email, tweet and text me almost every day wondering where I went.

It’s 2am in the night and I am supposed to be getting some rest but I felt like checking some topics on Google on some of the things I am working on in my private life, of uncluttering my many things, documents, notes, books etc into as few items and things as possible to live more free, less attached to things, and focus only on living surrounded by stuff I use every day – ideally.

Today’s cycle was a bit like my average day. After yet another sleepless night, trying to hypnotise myself into sleep using an app for my iPhone, just to find myself stuck between two dimensions of perceptions of reality, a dreamstate universe unfortunately without the benefit of actually sleeping and resting the body, but the ill-fated hellish state of living a nightmare while totally awake and with a pulse of 120bps.

Only then to wake up from my first alarm clock, which is a ridiculous lamp-with-nature sounds that wake you up “with the natural ambient light simulating the sunrise and morning birds” but actually only with 20 distinct and digital steps activate a 40 watt light bulb, and then tries to impress with a 3 second synthesized loop of shrieks and sharp annoying “bleeps” presumanly meant to resemble birds singing. Then the second alarm clock which I have to get up in order to switch off, then I go direclty back to bed to get the 30 minutes of sleep I actually have, then I get up and since the summer is already 1 month early, around 930 drive my scooter to work, dodging traffic, wearing a jet fighter pilot helmet (its light and has two visirs for blocing the sun, much needed), then having all sorts of ad-hoc meetings, then after almost a full day at the office, drive home, while constantly checking iPhones and iPads staying on top of professional projects that run simultaneously across the world and communicate with people that dont’ care about the concept of time zones.

Then as I shop food at the local store, I continue answering email and taking calls, as I decide to buy ingredients to make sushi by myself. Thinking that I finally will have time to try the still unopened game “Fallout 3” on my Playstation. It was not to happen.

As I get home the sun is shining so I notice many things requiring work. Several hours later it’s 22pm and although a lot of work is accomplished and life is a little more uncluttered, I get a booty call and minutes later I’m on the bike again, this time in less formal attire, and feeling the cold air whisking.

Hours pass.

Returning home, I prepare and eat my self made sushi, taking dinner in the garden looking at the planets jupiter and venus and the moon forming and interesting constellation.

While contemplating the things I didnt have time to do, and searching the net, coming to this moment when i decided to blog, I ran across this article about minimalism that caught my interest.

The kind of very spartan-looking living room is probably not exactly how I see my own space (I have many books and eccentric scientific and other stuff) but it made me feel really good on his behalf. It seems these people really radiate good energy, and you can see they’re happy from a mile.

The Fight Club article impressed me out of my socks. I already knew but they explain so simply, so elegantly how Fight Club is not a movie about fighting but getting rid of the corporate and cultural influences that control our lives. Article has about 26 quotes from the movie that are pretty good.

Which brings me to this moment in time. Where the cycle is complete. I curse my small smartphone for all the typing mistakes I type but you will never see, except a few, while my ergonomically correct tool is in the laptop backpack, untouched since from the office, while I push the PUBLISH button and start the iSleep hypnotiser-app…