Spring Equinox is upon us, and it is time to review the past year knowing with confidence that the coming year will only be exceeded in splendor by the Luciferian determined to follow the narrow self-determined way of one who stole fire from the Gods.

Think in terms of how there are no rules, no limitation except confusion, sleep and ignorance. These are the three enemies of the people, from which all sunordinate enemies come from.

Go to a Church with white people and you will find all three. Go to a black people Church and you will find some spark of energy. Atleast they believe what they are doing and put ther hearts into it.
Go to a Bhuddist monastery and the lama can show you his path is exacly opposite of confusion and ignorance, yet every utterance is in sleepy defeat over the universe’s pain and suffering.
Satanists and religious Thelemites are as confused and ignorant as any, and know how to enjoy themselves according to their desires but only dont understand why. Or maybe because Crowley wrote it but they dont understand why.
The Nihilist is just as boring although makes a good candidate for sexual torture. He would think he deserve it anyway if it happens ..
So should we blow up the world and start a new one?
Nah, let’s just wait a little longer. Mother Nature has a plan, and a solution.