Bo Goren writes:

I just released my documentary “The End of All Sheeple” over at youtube and decided today to look up Luciferians online. I found this blog and got excited. I thought “hey, a blog for people by people who THINK LIKE ME!” I’ve read several threads, now, but realized the tone in this blog seems very different than what I am accustomed to. I see threads about “to do lists”, “missing sleep”, “being productive at work” and a thread about the movie “Total Eclipse”, which, to me, has a very entertaining display of Freemason fraternity acceptance symbology, but the thread didn’t cover that but instead talked about how Leo Decaprio “used to look good”. What?! Now THAT stuff is just zany. I LOVE IT!

Thanks, Bo. I decided to reply to you in a separate post because you mention some things that people seem to be interested in.And that caught my interest.

Sheep behaviour, or the problem of people behaving like sheep, a herd animal that doesn’t think for itself but acts according to group mentality, crowd psychology, conformity, easily lead and manipulated by “the government”, or by other “evil forces”, are of course things we associate the word “Sheeple”. As Luciferians we naturally find sheep behaviour distasteful, and it is easy to stir emotion and aggressively hate any person who behave, think (or passively don’t behave, or displays evidence of not thinking).

However, people are people, and although I think a majority of people are stupid and act like sheep, it doesn’t make me want to spend much energy telling or warning sheep that they are sheep. Yes I am annoyed that most people are sheep, but I want to spend my time and energy to talk with wolves, about things that wolves talk about.

So hence my conclution fuck the sheep. Let them live in ignorance. When they are ready to shed their wool, be ready to accept the few that grow out of this mentality, as we have at some point in our lives, and we met brethren who at some time helped us and accepted us as Luciferians, with or without knowing (although it is certain that an enlightened adept would be called by different names).

Now then, for some more reality checks.

The New World Order does not exist.

Just like people are not actually sheep, there really is no global conspiracy called the NWO that uses money and power to control the people. But just because we can observe the symptoms and call the symptoms by different names, it does not provide a solution for the root cause that is the disease itself. The correct names for the diseases we know about are among, but not limited to: UN, USA, EU, EEC, Bloomberg, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, NATO, Lockheed Martin (producer of weapons of mass destruction), General Electric (producer of weapons of mass destruction), ELF,Shell, Facebook, Google, Monsanto (world’s largest patent and reverse engineer and proliferator of gene modified food), just to name a few. Yes, because instead of just a few organizations like ‘NWO’, ‘Bilderberg’, etc, in reality you have a plethora of different organizations that work inter-related in more or less a coordinated way.

The Freemasons are not part of a global conspiracy to take over the world and all your money, too

It is true that many Freemasons (for various reasons mostly attributed to their personal skills) are also in central positions of money and power. Like most people with ability and skill get positions of money and power. (I know plenty). But people with low income and no money or power can also become freemasons. (I know plenty of those too). And jews are not more in control of the world than other races – it’s just a stereotype that jews control the world. The US control the world, which is a melting pot of jews, white, black, yellow, red, blue, brown, and yes they even have a black president. One could argue of course that the world is not ruled by the US itself, but rather the commercial entities and interests mostly found in the US, that also dominate the US and act against its constitution, and have no respect for international bodies. Thus, the imperialism and capitalism has given way for globalisation and consumerism which is destined to consume the entire world, destroying agriculture, destroying the environment, destroying the economy (what economy? money is fake) and most importantly the disease of globalisation and consumerism that destroys the mind and soul of the human being.

Money does not exist.

Yes you have money you think, but it is only as good as other people think – that is – the sheeple. Yes, your economic potential is run by sheep. Thank the sheep that the value of money was completely disconnected from the gold standard in the 1970’s, and that money today is really just the creation of debt – which of course in turn, did not exist, does not exist, and will never come into existance.

It is as if the whole world uses magickal formula to move resources and services (which are little sigils on paper or numbers in a computer) and expects everyone to treat this massive ritual as a living, breathing organism, that we have to nurture the economy, that the economy has to grow, like a fucking turnip. We have to masturbate the economy also, giving it all sorts of stimulus at the mercy of the masochistic suffering of the sheeple, some of which are sacrificed in blood to fuel the economy with oil, more fake sigil paper, and more credit to fuel services like bombs, armies, and suit-clad analysts who sweat into TV cameras giving a office-type tie-strangled sexually frustrated hysterical insight in how the economy is being stimulated and is going to cum all over.

Illuminati does not exist.

What you do that you don’t like about the illuminati you do, and the sheep do. (Buy stocks, drive cars, buy companies, get credit, destroy the earth).

What you say the illuminati does, is actually a lot of different more or less open, more or less secret organisations do. Again there are many operating under many names.

And the point of all this is….

There are thousands, upon thousands of videos on Youtube about NWO, the Illuminati, and they all say exactly the same…