(Screenshot is from Fallout 3)

Apparantly there is a new super-advanced computer virus out there – written in an unknown programming language. The Kaspersky antivirus-company has posted a question to the international programming community to help it identify the ‘mysterious unknown’ programming language.

Like most antivirus-companies, who write software mainly for Desktop PC’s and the Windows platform (notoriously prone to security holes), they expect everything to revolve around a desktop computer, running Windows. Thus, it becomes a mystery when any program is not compiled with Microsoft’s Visual C++ 2008, not, C++, Objective C, Java, Python or even the more exotic languages Ada, Lua etc.

Are software companies completely ignorant of mainframes these days?

Yes, although it can spread through Windows, however: Seeing that Duqu is considered an evolution of “Stuxnet”, and since Stuxnet virus was made for infecting mainframe or highly specialized embedded platforms found typically in industrial production and real-time computing, and since the main suspect for the creator of Stuxnet is the US government, it would be logical to assume that Duqu is programmed using very little-known mainframe architectures as its main targets, typically the one you will find in a car or airplane assembly line controlling CNC’s and robots, or in a nuclear processing plant or similar hardcore industrial milieu.. where the PC x86 or x64 architecture is not found.

So I find it amusing also one of the comments refer to IBM mainframes, such as OS/400, as my thought initially was the old IBM System/360 or such monsters.

What I think?

High-level assembly, possibly a mainframe/system that once ran on PDP-10’s during the hippie era, then evolved into something that today even resemble LISP .

Kaspersky, you should install old-school UNIX System V on a PDP-10 and learn from scratch what has happened with LISP in 40 years 😀


It’s obvious that whoever big government or corporation is paying for all this, there are real geeky hackers involved, and they come complete with an advanced sense of personality and humor. I like the Dexter  reference. Beautiful. And sender is Jason Bourne? Priceless.













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