I give credit to Jeremy Crow, already a well known Luciferian, and Alex Jones, who until recently was known only under his alter ego ‘Mabuz’. They have chosen to stand for what they are, without reservation, and as such they are establishing authority over their own creative work, it is, so to say, creating a name for yourself, that builds your credibility and respect among peers.

One year ago, when I started this blog, it naturally occurred to me to work in secrecy, as I am used to separating other aspects of my life that is incompatible with my broad interests, from occult groups and so on where the art of keeping secrets is highly treasured.

People don’t ask me if I am an archaeologist or doctor, whenever I demonstrate interest as well as capacity in any specialized skill found in society.

I know a little bit about a lot of subjects, and a lot about a few, sometimes completely different areas of interest, that of course attracts different kind of people.

I find that highly interesting people, as well as highly skilled people live in their own universe.

Sometimes these universes are so diametrically opposite.