A fellow Luciferian wrote on his blog  that a Luciferian is someone who would likely hold a presentation at a TED lecture.

Today I had a great experience. My colleague showed me a drawing on his whiteboard – a bit worried if I would accept the idea or not.

I could see it’s simple shape, simple and beautifully drawn, a network infrastructure with the distinct touch of an artist ahead of his time such as Leonardo da Vinci or Archimedes.

A model of a type of infrastructure that will scale beyond Amazon at a fraction of the cost and time to implement, also eliminating worries about security through seamless encryption beyond the virtual machine that will run on the cloud cluster. It is powered in a way that creates zero emissions yet can easily take a houndred megawatts of power without hurting our planet. And it will cost almost nothing to build initially and it scales from 5 to a several thousands servers without any change in the basic infrastructure design.

I looked at the whiteboard for 100 nanoseconds and said; ‘yes’.

My colleague is a Luciferian, without knowing. But I can recognise without any doubt the spark of light shining, from the same fire that Prometheus stole from the Gods of Olympus.