Thanks to all the people who regularly follow my blog and post comments. Seeing that people care about what I write motivates me to continue. I’ve now had this blog for more than 1 year, and I am about to revise some of my early positions on the Luciferian Principles.

I will write more on the past years overall development, culminating with the last eight weeks which have been phenomenal, as I’ve experienced an extreme sense of control and well-being, although in my regular life I’ve appeared  busy, I’ve actually made a lot of magick actually happen.

People often come to me with their problems. Usually I fix them. That is why people always come to me, first. But unlike normal, I’ve been able to help people with less physical intervention and more visualisation, often just imagining my friend winning a court settlement or dreaming that a technical problem could be solved, it took less than 24 hours before it actually came to pass.

But even more unusual, is that my own problems are also resolving quite fast 🙂 Getting an iPad is expensive, but I wished for one, and I got it the next day. I already had an Android phone which is also expensive, but after thinking only for an hour that I also wanted an iPhone, I got that too, for free they day after.

I wanted 2500 euro to be able to travel, and less than 24 hours later someone called me and wanted to do a project and sponsor my trip to the place I wanted to travel to. I also got a car in November that I wanted.

Oh, and I got a very special book from a friend in Athens just arrived! Contrary to popular opinion the Key of Solomon was not translated from a Hebrew original. During the gradual decline and fall of the Byzantine Empire, this precious text, along with many others, was taken to Italy. It is quite likely that it was taken to Venice, where parts of it were translated into Latin and Italian. Latin copies circulated in Europe, going through many changes, languages and versions to become the Key of Solomon as we know it. But my copy is the first one where the old Greek texts of the key of Solomon outside of a handful of pages in academic works is translated to English in the order they were intended to be read. Didn’t take a day to arrive though, more than one week (I blame the post office for not conforming to magickal terms).

Material is one thing, but spiritual is another, of course, but it’s easier to exemplify in terms of hard, physical things.

On the adverse side, I’ve also noticed feeling much more tired than before. It could be many reasons, from using too much energy without being able to contain or recharge it, or maybe also a growing suspicion of mine that many other people are feeling the exact same, a much higher loss of energy than normal, especially the last few days (7, and 8 of february including today). Let me know if you are reading this if you’ve been unusually tired lately…

Also I learned:

  • Never check your sex-dating site on your smartphone when in a roundabout.
  • 19 year old guys are notoriously prone to cancelling a booty-call, even twice on the same night.
  • If you wish for something, be careful, you might get it. And when you do, you may have thought of something else..
  • Ipads are sexy in meetings, but everyone wants to comment on the mistakes on it.
  • The ONLY solution to getting out of bed in the morning is to get up at the same time every day of the week, even on Sundays.
  • Some people will always be idiots for the rest of their life.
  • Magick works.
  • You have two coffe machines that are identical at work, none of them taste the same.

I still have a busy schedule tomorrow and the rest of the week, then I will be back updating more on my blog.





(Picture from the “Full Metal Alchemist” (Hagane No Renkinjitsu))