I rarely require much sleep. I usually wake up late, avoiding traffic going to work late, but spending the day being as productive as possible at work and continuing being productive well into the small hours of the night.
My most creative time is after midnight.
Sleeping only a few hours every day can however affect my mood and sometimes I will get irritated and annoyed at people. The trouble is although I eat healthy I lose energy fast.
I have read some books about the subject of sleep research and energy levels and have started to experiment with getting up at 0700 in the morning every day, even on a sunday. The idea is that it will make my internal biological clock reset to a fixed structure it could help me focus even more and make me more effective without loosing much sleep.
In fact, the brain itself only requires 0.5-1.5 hours of REM sleep, the rest of the time the body is doing other kind of low-level maintenance and repairs.
Once I start exercising more I should finally be more productive again in all areas.
This may be the final piece of the puzzle on how to balance life so that I can perform well what I have to do, in spite of the limitations of being bound to a physical carbon based fragile lifeform known as ‘the body’, otherwise known as ‘real life’ which in gnostic terms is our prison and in buddhist terms our temple and in mystical christian terms a marriage between heaven and hell, the latter being a good description of what I see in the mirror of such an un-godly time of morning.
I will keep you posted with more details soon,