Egypt in ancient times, was a time where magick and symbology meant a lot. It is from Egypt that the western Mysticism has gained a lot, although Greek and Roman culture is dominant today as many words unlike egyptian survive from greek or latin, there was a time when the greeks occupied Egypt for centuries, and the common writing language was egyptian with greek letters, called coptic.
The wisdom of the Egyptians, who they in turn inherited once from the mystical Sumerians, among oters contain the belief in spirits and gods, that if you know their name, you control their power. Not surprisingly names, and especially names of deities, were considered very important for this reason.
If you feel stuck it may be because you may have written down stuff but you have not named the actions you should take in your life.
If you have a problem, it may be because you have not named the true cause.
Naming things is defining things, is connecting to the true nature of things. By naming you gain real life control just like it is written in the legends of old Papyrus scrolls.
If you lack ideas, you should wait for the thunder, but you miss the flash unless you are in a position to be undistracted.