It’s been a very active year in 2011, and I feel that 2012 will be a very interesting year with a lot of changes in a lot of ways.

As an occultist and Luciferian, it is my focus to separate focus from those kind of impulses that make people act and think like a herd, while it has been always my disposition to be different it is easy to be influenced and sink into mundane matters.

But I learned some important lessons in year 2011, which is that although we should not let trivial matters run our lives, we should not ignore them either. We have to control the physical plane – and do it like a pro – while at the same time not become too absorbed in it or influenced by it.

I see a fellow Luciferian caught in the trap. He is posting every day less and less about Luciferianism and more and more whining about who is winning the presidential campaign in the US. So, maybe Ron Paul is the next messiah who will finally save all the poor people in the US and turn around the economy, but I really don’t think so, much in the same way I don’t believe there is a government conspiracy to unleash aluminium and poison into the sky to form pretty patterns people call ‘chemtrails’. It’s probably vapour and the only toxic ingredient is jet fuel exhaust.

I wish people who get a hard-on when their political favourite is winning polls, to take a long hard look at him and face the question: How can such an old man stand against the mindless machine who converted Obama from a smiling “yes we can” person who wanted to shut down Guantanamo, to a sorry-ass “no we can’t” person who is now celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Guantanamo? Maybe it’s the same smile on Kennedy’s face that was obliterated only by the barrel of a gun fired by the people who were supposed to protect him.

Rest assured, friends, that even Luciferians cannot ignore the problems of this world, but we shouldn’t take an active part in them! We should not play by their rules. We are outnumbered, that may change, or it may not. The best we can do is to care for ourselves, and others like us, and help people that aspire to become like us.

It is what occultists and mystics have been doing over the centuries of war and persecution. In those days secrets were kept closer to a persons heart, today it would seem that most secrets are available online. The only problem is that there is a lot of information everywhere, all conflicting, all claiming to be true. So the same rule applies today as 1200 years ago, that real knowledge can only be passed from one heart to another.

That is why even in this cyber-jungle of a messy world, you can still find things that are true and valid, if you know where to look.

Happy new year, all you brave souls who take their time to follow my blog (hope you’re not bored too much), and hello new readers! I expect this year to be interesting, and I want to focus even more about what really matters to me, the things that are unique and beautiful.

What is unique and beautiful for me right now?

  • Knowing that signs of fatigue and stagnation in my life has a way out, and the way is in, cut away the focus that don’t work, and get projects and tasks moving again, and if all else fails, just start sorting and throwing stuff.
  • The only reason to archive anything is if your life depend on it, or if you go to jail without it, or you need it to finish a task or travel, or do your everyday work.
  • The only reason to keep relations is relations that are positive and build you up and recharge your batteries.

I also recommend a few books:

  • The Magical Treatise of Solomon or Hygromanteia – This is the original Greek book of magick that was the source of the Key of Solomon, and in turn the ancestor of most of the grimoire-based ceremonial magic practiced in Europe and the US today. For the first time (outside of a handful of pages in academic works) the full Greek original of the Key of Solomon appears in English.Β  [link]
  • The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read – features former Army interrogator Gregory Hartley’s unique system of profiling, formula for persuasion, and framework for establishing expertise quickly. Gregory makes his system concrete with case studies, tables, diagrams, and more. [link]