I found that even after sorting out the problem of managing tasks and time, I was still not happy. I sought to find out why. Then I realized what is known in occult terms that to advance spiritually, you have to have the physical realm in order. Then it struck me that what I had set out to solve was only part of the problem. I may have control over my tasks and perform well in work, but I don’t live at work (or I pretend I don’t). Whatever the saying “achieve work-private balance” is bullshit. If  a week of 24 hours x 7 days is 168 hours, having total balance between work and personal life would require me to work 84 hours every week, and the rest of the hours I would be sleeping most of the time. No fucking way.

I can not go search for spiritual development, creativity, the Holy Guardian Angel, or the Holy grail, if my normal, mundane, physical life is not working.

As I was ordering another batch of books from Amazon to be used in another setting, I stumbled across a book called Unclutter your life in one week, and funny enough it has foreword by David Allen, the same one that invented the Getting Things Done method.

But what I find about this book is that it is a brutally effective way to learn a difficult task:  Letting go of the clutter in your life. You know the saying that if you have many things, the things eventually have you. In my case it is true also that I collect too much stuff. I’ve business cards in boxes that go back 10 years. I have collected every receipt since the start of the new millennium. I have two scissors exactly the same, not to mention a lot of other stuff like toasters and hairdryer.

Never mind how that happened.

But if you find that you spend a long time every morning finding what to wear, where to find stuff you need for work, or how to enjoy more free time and find creativity and space among where you spend most of your days, which is at home, then this book may be for you.

It’s not just about being productive, it is about clearing space and saving time for you to enjoy life and do what you want to do.

As westerners living in modern times, we don’t have the luxury of buddhist monks who live in temples to dedicate all our time for spiritual work without any material attachment.

We live in a past-paced, very material world which needs to be sorted and put in strict control.

I think this book also is a lifesaver for anyone – especially the Luciferian.