In a follow-up to my previous post on the subject, I have given the matter of how the opposing forces of void (absolute still, calm) and chaos (absolute movement, epicenter) are to be harnessed for maximum results.

I also had to revise my method of working with both, as a few months ago or a year ago, I did not see the full pattern. Observing how this unfolded, let me recount my steps:

The active sense, (chaos) made me feel uneasy since I had too much work and no way of organizing and making sure I could deliver. I managed to implement a process to manage chaos, by collecting and prioritizing everything. Suddenly I had everything in control. The action is attachment and control into everything.

The passive sense, (calm) suffered because of this since I started organizing this as well. This is a mistake, and a mystic operation will be nearly impossible if you try to time-manage your meditation or try to create tasks lists from lucid dreams. The correct action here is letting go, non-attachment, not controlling.

So the third realization is how to combine these experiences into one unified model. It finally resolved a lot of issues for me because:

1 – Creativity is blocked if you regard everything as things you can control or micro-manage into the limited dimensions of time, resources, context, action.

2 – Creativity is blocked if you don’t control your mundane tasks.

Solution: I learned when to let go and when to not let go.

While it is fun being effective (and people will think you are a genious if you can do 199 tasks in 4 hours) it doesn’t really do anything for you. People will just give you their tasks .. plus you risk doing stuff that doesn’t need to be done. Then, understand that in any given day you can perform a maximum of 3-4 major tasks, at the most.

Learn to delete tasks that you don’t do in a week or two that you were supposed to do last week. if it is important, it will turn up through another channel anyway. (DROP TASKS).

Learn to prioritise tasks not from client’s expectations but to what you want to accomplish in one day. In my case it is:

A) Perform well at work, give 100% but not more. After all I have a life outside of work. 8 hours is more than enough.

B) Mundane tasks, if any (pick up car from auto shop, water flowers, buy groceries)

C) Taking care of friends and family

D) Esoteric work – meditation, rituals, etc

E) Exoteric work (community, organisational, etc)

F) Sleep (good quality sleep)

In this case it is important to remember that I control A-F though sometimes expectations are given from external side (clients, mentors, audience) but I control how I perform at any given time in the focus. Other time I am the one both to perform and to enjoy the results of my work.

For CREATIVITY to thrive, everything that has to be done, like work and routine, should be flowing automatically. If it doesn’t then it’s a good idea to fix it so it does. Otherwise it can get in the way of passive things like meditation or sleep. You soon realise that if you lack in one of the active or passive states, the whole life becomes troublesome and tiring.

That is why people who are out of work but only sleep all day are depressed, because they can have a lot of creative ideas, but they have no way of putting those ideas into actions.

Also, people who only perform actions have trouble sleeping, so they are depressed, because the body and mind is unhealthy.

Only when correct balance between action and non-action can true happiness be developed.