Just like conflict, is human nature, so is religion.

Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. But the main thing about religion is that it is social.

Religion is so wide-spread, diverse, and exists among so many cultures, and has been known to have existed since first recorded history. By statistical analysis alone, the argument holds valid.

Could it be, that even atheists have religion? Would it be fair to say, their religion is not to have a religion? If an atheist does not believe in god, the act of not believing becomes the belief. Have you observed how an atheist often try to convert believers into non-believers? Or as the christian fundamentalist spends time criticizing atheists, atheists spend an equal time on criticizing christians or other religions.

A person can define not to demonstrate any belief in an external god, spiritual entities or anything larger than themselves.

Then, they put faith in themselves, and their lower self strives to purify their higher self.

Humans have the need to separate the gold from the black earth, alchemically speaking.

It is my idea that the root of religion lies in this concept of trying to grasp what is essentially sacred, divine nature of ourself, then something goes horribly wrong as we lost the language to tap into the proper concept long ago – the “fall” if you will – and it left us in a confused state of being disconnected from our divine nature.

So when we do this work of regaining control of our own inner temple – the social part comes into play, sometimes humans don’t care, or just submit to an oppressive dogmatic system, only very, very few takes the time to walk the path themselves.

Luciferians need to be social, while avoiding the pitfalls of human nature. Religion is almost 99% of the case in the way of humans to progress, but as with conflict, religion is not all-bad, it is a symptom and not the root cause. Like with conflict, the answer to master the root cause of religion is: know yourself.