What makes you really excited? How do you evolve? If you are really passionate about something, the best way to develop it is to take whatever you do, and do it in public.Blogging is one of the best way to perform in public. You can write, upload art, publish something online and instantly get feedback from your audience in the form of comments, emails.

Loose bonds of co-performing can form dynamically as the performers who interact in blogs create works in response  to your work, perhaps incorporating pieces of it, weaving it with their own.

The constant evolving happens fast: You do something, you get instant response. What could take years take months or even weeks through the fantastic medium the internet. Fast-paced, instant, global, and it has no borders, it can capture the interest across cultures and timezones, conquering much of the time/space continuum of this planet we live on with the speed of light.

During public writing and constant feedback you tend to try different things. You will know if it works, if it makes things better or worse, right away. My blog has just in a few months several houndred readers per month.

As a Luciferian, and especially through mostly written work, I express words, ideas, and thoughtforms that I hope come together as simple art. That is my performance.

Someone spoke of social networking sites as being a potential ‘market’ for the exchange of ideas. I think the main point of expressing yourself as a Luciferian is not limited to peddling ideas, it’s about performing, capturing interest, evolving around people who evolve, sharing the experience, not just at an intellectual level, but thought forms, that can be shaped into such organic-ness they almost take on a life of their own, like when a musical artist creates a piece of music, that later another musical artist use for inspiration, then creates something entirely new and so on.

Luciferian art and work should express our limitless potential as our own ultimate authority over ourself, in respect and love for life and what true freedom is about, and all the responsibilities and risks that come with having all the power and glory in the universe.

Lucifer means ‘light bringer’. The Light we bring shines as an example for others as well as inspiration for ourselves to constantly improve towards perfection.