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…I promised to get back to a comment by Milton, quoting the most relevant parts:

(..) I believe that I as a Luciferian have created many thoughts into my reality with enough positive thinking and belief. Using the law of attraction I believe anything is possible if your mind is focused on the end result. (..) With quantum physics everything has already happened in ‘potential’ we just have to put forth the effort and energy to unlock that potential. Which brings me back to ‘The secret’ since our thoughts emit frequencies depending on how we feel and if we think about a certain situation we want to happen the more we think the more its likely to happen, like attracts like.

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So today I wanted to give my view on “The Secret”..

..which is in my view a very modern attempt to restore some kind of Magick into people’s daily life. The message itself called “The Secret” has come out in books and a movie, and has been in many other media and formats as well in popular culture, launched around 2006.

The message itself is nothing new.

Nothing “Secret” is actually being revealed, everything is very much open-in-the-day, although one may say the book is trying to simplify and make accessible a small taste of the mysteries of old, some of which was lost in ancient times, and some of which was carried by secret societies and who you can see today are the elite of the very rich and very powerful people. Who are rich and powerful for a reason; since they know and use the Secret and apply it to their life.

I have read the book and seen the movie so I can say my impression. As I mentioned, “The Secret” is a very very simplified book of Magick, and it gives the reader a set of some Magickal principles of visualization and focusing, mainly of “positive thinking” or what some critics say is “wishful thinking”. I would use the term “controlled thinking”.

I have tried the methods myself and yes they are useful (although today I use other tools/techniques).

Law of attraction

Other works and derivative works have also been created, and it all focuses on ‘The Law of Attraction’. a metaphysical belief that “like attracts like”, that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively. In this, there is a lot of correction on focus to achieve results. The phrase

  • “I need more money” allows the subject to continue to “need more money”.

If the subject wants to change this they would focus their thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). This might take the form of phrases such as

  • “I do have more money” or “I will have more money”.

The big “Secret” that the book/movie reveal is how people are totally unaware that they control the keys to unlocking all the power in the universe to change their life around, and to attract anything they want into their life. Or how people just end up miserable or in debt because they attract those things, too. Most people find it hard to believe that just thinking positive hippie-like thoughts can indeed make you a CEO or stumble across a lot of cash. Or that they put themselves in a bad situation.

But since Magick works..

(It does, believe me) this simple approach also work – to the extent that the user is able to apply the techniques into their lives. And by doing that they change their actions, and thus what consequence and ultimately what they attract into their life.

Yes – the Secret works – if you believe in it. I notice it containes a little hint of dogma and some references to “the divine being” or “the universe” (spoken as a deity) and in some websites and discussions, open comparison with passages of the bible are being made and comparing The Secret to also have been taught by Jesus Christ, refernce to “God”, etc.  .. maybe it is hard for people to accept that they are their own God, that it becomes too much responsibility for them they need to channel this “gift” to appear from some external force?

Maybe the historic link to sorceres and magickians, and all the persecution of anyone dabbling with occult powers and magick, makes people want to legitimize what is essentially a lightweight guide to self-improvement through some simple magickal exercises, to be merged with their own religion or worldview.

So to comment on the techniques themselves, and there are numerous so to get into all the details would be as long as the book, but in short I will say that you can follow this chain of events:

  • Situation (karma, cause and effect)
  • was caused by Action (doing, reacting)
  • was caused by Thinking (contemplation, imagination)
  • was caused by Belief (reality-tunnel, worldview)

and so on, or even reverse the chain. It’s no reason to try to drag in other models of how karma comes into play. Although a simpler model would be

  • First – thinking (mind)
  • Second- action (body)
  • Third- reaction (no-mind, no-body)

It’s basically the same.

More or less complicated structures to explain the connection between THINKING and SITUATION can be made but the point is – that this connection is there, and the connection is called DOING.

Throw in some dimensions and relativity theory (time, space, you, me, they, etc) then you have a real mix, that can be influenced by changing some of the root causes (mind).

To really understand how the Secret can help you, just read the book or watch the movie. (Official website:

Now for some heavy magick..

To really understand what Magick is, I recommend this book, Modern Magick.It is made as a complete manual for anyone interested in doing hard ritual magick (as opposed to lightweight….) This book, unlike “The Secret”, is not for everybody. It probably is too hard work for 99.999% of the population. But for those who are willing to do the actual work, and suffer through the thousand hours you need to really learn how to ‘fly’, I think no book could be more entertaining, insightful and inspirational place to START learning about Magick. The book contains a lot of references to other books and works on magick, or how you get initiated into a serious magickal order. As the book also explains, and I fully agree (and that goes for The Secret as well) : Simply reading about it doesn’t make you understand. DOING the exercises, doing the work, is what eventually a student learns from, by direct experience.

The Secret of the Universe, no book can explain. But the greatest secret that is no secret is – you can spend a lifetime as a Shaolin Monk living and practising every day and one day discover: you had the key inside you all this time….