In yesterday’s post I let the reader to an exercise of focusing the mind to make an image dissappear. I think most people who tried was able to see the image actually vanish into thin air. Good. Success.

After all, it is an optical illusion that works without magick. But you see, the magick was to make the optical illusion more effective. Following the instructions lead to a stronger focus, and chanting the symbol “zero” can help relax the eyes, and help the thing I wanted to happen, to happen more easily.

So while the example of an illusion could serve to prove that visualization is not neccessary and the phenomena is scientifically explainable and occurs just by staring at the image –  it serves instead as a practical example on how a focused mind and associated techniques enhances a result.

Can you imagine other situations or techniques where “Mind over matter” produces better results? One reader has already come forward with a suggestion in a recent comment, which I will address in my next post.