Here is an exercise.

Scroll down so you can see the entire image.

Then, with your mind, visualise the symbol “0” (ZERO) in the middle of the image. Stare directly at the image with a clear intention to make the image dissappear and go all white, while really connecting to the meaning of zero, void, emptyness. Allow this to resonate and take control of all the colors and absorb them, into nothing, so only the white background remains. With your mental power and ability to visualize, the image should go blank.

Can you do it?     (It might help to chant: Zero, Zero, Zero while staring at the middle.)

How does this work?

By now, you can already guess..

it’s just an optical illusion. Nothing magickal happens here, although I could try to convince you that it is magick, the image takes advantage of a weakness in your eyes that is inherent in all humans who have normal working eyes. Just staring at the carefully composed image makes your brain start to process colours that are carefully but subtly aligned to cancel eachother out.

But you still had to work some effort to stare at the image to transform it. That is the thing about having people visualise and project, and focus. And it work. Let’s assume I said you did it out of projecting the number in the middle of the image, and that worked its magic. While in fact it was an illusion.

Lessons learned:

  • Everyone has limitations.
  • Most don’t know this.
  • Illusions, and tricks, make good entertainment.
  • Maintaining illusions can be a strategic advantage.
  • Exposing how an illusion work can bring new insight in something related only by metaphor.
  • An entertainer who use tricks to impress people doesn’t want to reveal them or the illusion will be broken.
  • Usually the audience knows they are being subjected to an illusion, but still find it entertaining because they were not explained how it really works. Instead, as part of the trick, they are being explained something else to believe in, and the illusion serves to prove the illusion is real, not false. This is how stage magicians work.
  • Manipulation is a powerful tool.
  • Tools – any tools – can be used for any purpose, good or evil.

A word of advice: make sure you manipulate your environment for the betterment of yourself and others and use knowledge for positive change. Be vigilant about what is real and what is not.