The Luciferian mind is an evolved mind, perhaps that is why Luciferians do not understand the world they are put in as children, and why some Luciferians do not adapt very well and become labeled as ‘bipolar’ or ‘ADHD’ and other things that can create a lot of fuss and worry because they do not conform.

Worrying too much creates a lot of stress. We can all admit stress has been, or is still, more or less every day part of our lives. Fact of the matter is that there is really only two opposing forces to the senses: Pain or Pleasure.

Every other feeling, I can argue, evolves out of these, and all reactions and actions evolves out of these: Fight or Flee, Attraction or Repulsion.

This also fans out on every dimension: Spiritual Pain or Spiritual Pleasure. Material Pain or Material Pleasure.

On a given level, imbalance causes mental problems, or is harmful to the physical body, and the overall health of an individual.

I urge the reader as an exercise to watch and learn from the first part of this video, about 5 minutes long, although it is very heavy with Buddhist references you can look beyond them, these concepts can be considered universal as tools that will help you understand on an intellectual level, the practical exercise in the second part, 5 minutes of guided meditation.

Completing the intellectual and practical example this video represents will arm you with knowledge currently held by perhaps less than 2% of the population, the realisation of the third force that reconciles the two opposing forces. Practically it can help you be more balanced and reduce the possible harm by being in an unbalanced state.

So get comfortable, put 10 minutes aside where you will not be disturbed or distracted. And watch and listen.

After this exercise, you may even need tips from a Zen master on how to do meditation.

This exercise given in this video is also useful to people with bipolar disorder.