I want to take the time to make an example of an individual who unlike most people are able to use creativity with less restriction, comping up with ideas of computing that are a good example on what level of quality I expect in a person who is using his full potential. Perhaps you think most good ideas come from companies, but all companies draws on the creativity of people. Introducing Pranav Mistry from India, he is a research assistant and a PhD candidate at MIT Media Lab and is a co-inventor of SixthSense. The following video is quite long, but it is worth the watch. I want you to notice how he resonates his ideas with trying new approaches, like for instance how he built his own iPad out of paper, and not just the technical aspects, but the kind of human creativity that drives this person from idea, to concept, to actually creating not a new product, not a new machine but something that totally re-writes the rules.

On his personal website you can read some more of his ideas, let’s hope more people are inspired to break rules and conventions and think outside the box.

And he publish his work to anyone, Open Source. For free.

Remember: If you are not playing with ideas, you are just playing the game.