I have tried to make the task of setting up my own blog, which just grew and grew, just as a platform to interact with others but also to interact with my self, trying to put words into stuff that comes natural, why I chose Lucifer as the symbol of my inner being’s search for enlightenment. It even grew a huge side project called Lucipedia, a wiki for Luciferian knowledge which still isn’t moving as fast or as much as I had hoped for.

I know my initial inspiration for exporing Luciferianism was the Order of the Luciferian Sword, as they were the first ones I noticed on-line (the internet is the most important information hub of this era), that wrote something coherent about the idea of Lucifer as the ideal spiritual side of the self, a mystical union of the direction of the carnal and spiritual body, to gain apotheosis.

Since April this year, I’ve learned a lot and formed allies to other Luciferians and occultists, and people of many different backgrounds, online through forums or through my blog. I am amazed that many people responded directly through my blog. So I have learned quite a few things.

First, I have learned about the religious wars that are fought even among occultists. There seems to be many different influences of the LHP path in general, not to mention Satanism and Luciferianism, even some directions that have special names or branches of the LHP, it is such a common sight to see people argue and disagree, or reach some consensus through the dialectics of something along the line of: “we understand the same mystery or we want the same thing, just that my paradigm/method/whatever is a lot cooler than yours”. And the other part of that discussion would typically reverse that statement right back.

So going about other forums, like the LRS, MySatan, and some other LHP forums, I’ve discovered the following things:

  • Most people talk about the same shit no matter what flavor of occultism they come from.
  • Most people are just curious, and discuss things widely and general, or they focus on some minor detail, either witch is uninteresting and doesn’t teach any profound new knowledge.
  • A few people only(!) are talented and inspirational.

So the point of being social, or being in some (more than one even) forums are to find and interact with those few people that are worth interacting with, and all the rest you just stick around waiting for someone to say something smart, or if some random shit eventually catches your interest, and go you along with some mundane shit discussion even if you know you are not saying anything interesting or contributing with any profound new knowledge.

Religion Shit - (Image credit: The Founder of the Order of the Luciferian Sword)

The enclosed image (click to enlarge it) to this post kind of sums it all up. If you have a sense of humour, you can see through all the endless labels and religious debate over this and that.

So over to my point: What is my role in this shit? (Translation: What is my role as a Luciferian occultist, among other occultists, in social forums on the internet)?

Is it to evangelize Luciferianism? In my opinion no. That is not what Luciferianism should be about, according to my idea, but at the same time, I know that once I take the word and define it, I am committing the same mistake as the other -isms out there. Therefore people will see what I am doing as evangelisation, and to a certain degree they will be right, but I will not focus like that.

Is it to promote the LHP? Yes, but only to LHP’ers. What I mean, is my role should be to remind everyone what the LHP is about, but not bickering or exposing some odd people on forums who don’t behave according to some set (or sadly unwritten) rules or expectations on how a LHP’er should behave. I’ve met a complete Nihilist on MySatan, who is a great character and has a wonderful sense of humour. Such a great guy. I’ve met others who are many things, but I say the most important trait is (a) Be Serious or (b) Get a Fucking Sense of Humour. In the end, I don’t care if you worship Satan or don’t worship at all, wether you exercise or not, or if you prefer low-carb over vegan food. Not relevant. I want to promote the LHP by positive reinforcement, and I don’t care if you are a Satanist, Chtulu Cultist, Luciferian, or Taoist, or even a Christian Mystic, as long as you are contributing to the LHP, then I think you’re worth talking to and encouraging.

Is it to promote projects, and result-oriented work? Well, I find that a lot of people say they have no time, yet spend hours talking bullshit, or people who promise to do the actual work, yet contribute nothing. Perhaps it is not important (to me) wether people work or not, but I find people who are able to do the work and produce actual results, and not talk about working, more interesting.

Plus, I’ve become sort of an oracle people come to seeking answers on what to read, which group to join etc. I find that fun, and I thought about writing a review about some groups out there, and ditched the idea, then thought about writing essays like “A Luciferian’s Guide to ……. ” – I will come back on this subject as I love to have them challenged and worked on by others.

So I invite you now, the reader, to help me with two things?

  • What is the Luciferians role in social forums on the internet?
  • Will you help make some Lucipedia (encyclopedic) entries on your order, direction, group, view, paradigm, character, famous prophet, etc, as long as it fits into the LHP path and is relevant to LHP people. I guess we need to put Jesus and Mohammed in there too, but it will of course be within the Luciferian mindset, perhaps as general as it to be accepted by LHP’ers from most walks of life, since in the end –

IT’S ALL THE SAME SHIT. (notice that humour is  intended)