I find it strange when talking to Satanists and even Luciferians, that many seem to want to reject the idea of being a rebel or rebelling against anything. Maybe they do reject the idea of the adolescent or teenager rebellion, or the archetypical emo kid who is just rebelling because he thinks he has to.

I think people misunderstand the concept when I state that being inclined to being a rebel is a hallmark of every true Satanist or Left Hand Practicioner, occultist, yes, I believe wether people call themselves Luciferian or not, when they dare to rebel, they demonstrate the archetype of Lucifer, who nobody can disagree – is the epitome of rebellion – rebelling even against “God”, the most supreme authority.

I can show by refering to scientific research that rebelling against authority is more difficult than you think. There are very few people who truly demonstrate this quality. Again – we need to separate the normal fad that teenagers go through when separating from the authority of their parents in order to become grown-ups themselves, or the oddball hippie who just rebels against society because he wants to lay around in bed and not work while smoking pot.

Because as you may begin to realise, I am talking about a kind of rebellion that you will only recognise if you are a true Luciferian. And I don’t care if you call yourself a Luciferian or not, because when you rebel agains the ultimate authority, you are demonstrating the values that exist at the core of your being, and you are only demonstrating this core when you are willing to risk your life for it.

Let me repeat: That you defend your core value against the authority, to such a degree that you will never back down, even when faced with extreme sanctions, possibly at the cost of your life.

The scientific basis I am talking about has been proven countless times throughout history, but it is only in modern times that it has been systematically analysed. One of the experiments was carried out in Yale University in the 1960s by social psychologist Stanley Milgram. Milgram was influenced by the events of the Nazi Holocaust to carry out an experiment that would demonstrate the relationship between obedience and authority, by experimenting on people who were set to administer what they thought was electric shocks against a person, they didn’t know the person receiving the shocks was just an actor sitting in another room, but they could hear the screaming. As the authority figures part of the experiment ordered, the experiment was to find when people stopped following orders, and decided to stand against authority.

There are modern, very recent recreations of this experiment. They are:

So this digression is about how any person out of a standard population, can become the person who flips the switch, or become the person who gassed a Jew in 1940’s, or who performed atrocities in Abu Ghraib in Iraq in the first decade of year 2000.

My point here is to point out the beautiful moment when the individual takes a sovereign and individual stand that emanates from the core of that being. These are not just values or morale or feeling sorry for someone, this is Will manifested.

This kind of rebellion is not the only situation where true Will is manifested, but it is one of the most honest moments, that when someone stands up against oppression as matter of principle, that they would rather risk death, or torture, or other disatvantages, instead of surrendering their ideals, their sovereign Will, the sacred core of their being. That moment of brilliant light is the torch of Lucifer and the torch of the hero.

Thus a Luciferian should always work for his own ideals, his inner core ideals even at the cost of his/her life or other risk he/she faces.

We are faced with three main problems.

  • Religious and social dogma. We are as Luciferians realising our own divinity over an invented God or “demi-urge”. If we choose to believe in a superior God, that God is us, as we seek to unite in the Plaeroma, the Monad, the Fullness, the All, Nirvana, or whatever happens when we die, we welcome Life, and are not afraid of Death, since Sin doesn’t exist, we are purified by ourselves. We have to face religious dogma every day, and forces that oppose us. Whether we work openly or covertly, we never surrender our core being, even at the risk of death. Some of you have the luxury to live in a free society where any emo kid can listen to death metal and cut their flesh with knives and wear dark goth clothes, like thousands of kids do, just copying eachother and having depressing channels on MySpace. I find that ridiculous that people think they are free when they are not. Any western consumerist country are as dogmatic and oppressive as the other, as no country on earth is, truly, totally liberated. It is the duty of every occultist to be that shining light of knowledge in the darkness of ignorance.
  • Weakness. People are too weak to stand by their principles. They will be swayed by television, by statistics, by science, by advertising, by politics,  by consumer reports, by their boss, by their dog, by what they think they should wear for fashion, what the neighbour says, peer pressure, the wife, and their secret lover(s), and finally the police and government and God and king and country and everybody else. Your first priority is not to fall victim by yourself. Yes, the police, king and country are not necessarily bad things. Just make sure their values don’t replace your values. Next, make sure people you care about, such as your friends or family, don’t fail. Motivate them, support them. If you can see they are struggling against the “system”, against the “demiurge” or against whatever their struggle, to defend their sovereignity as their holy inner being, that spark of divinity. That shining light in the dark.
  • Sleep. You are asleep. Even reading this, you are not truly awake. You are inside the Matrix. Don’t believe me? Then, maybe you can email me a list of what you have done every day for the past week. Can you recall every moment, and more importantly, why you did what you did.  Maybe you’re awake enough that you think you’re awake but you’re not. I am not being arrogant here, rest assured as I am typing this, I am asleep too. We are all a bunch of sleepers, and we are awake only for fractions of a moment, if we try very hard. I am obviously not talking about regular sleep, the kind you take every night. I am talking about the spiritual awareness (that sounds hippie-ish… let’s say your ability to be aware as an awakened being, free from the illusion of the dualistic material world). The only thing you can do about this is to exercise your  mindfulness both intellectually and practically. One example is Venger Satanis’s wonderful insight here, and my own insight here. And here.

Good luck.