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The wonder is that not more people are dying of stress than there already are. Ignorance and simple greed are some of hindrances towards real success and real wealthiness.
The solution to mundane problems are to break them down into their main components, time, energy and money. Then to sort out the different way they should be dealth with.
1) Time: You spend as little time per day as possible resolving pending issues that you have to deal with in your daily life. Such as voting, canceling subscription, whatever it is. Use a time-management system or task system like GTD to do as little as possible, but do only the neccessary, do a little at the time, but make sure those things actually get done when they need to. Get all bills you pay to be payed on the same date. Spend as little time as possible on mundane tasks, preferably set aside only 1/2 an hour every month taking care and checking your tasks. Throw your TV, or use it to only watch DVD’s or the stuff you watch or download. Refuse to pay TV license. Cancel subscription. Say your TV is stolen, just get out of the system. List your phone number as secret. Block advertising in your mail. Select the people and companies you do business with with care. Sever ties to anyone who don’t respect your wishes.
2) Energy: Don’t let irrelevant problems or things annoy you. Consider not voting, if none of the political parties actually do any difference. Delegate problems, or give them to a lawyer you pay to spend time responding to letters or dealing with stupid people. See also step 1.
3) Money: Reduce your expenses as much as possible. Cancel any subscription you don’t need. If people send you bills for services you didn’t get, report them to the police. Anyone who will be a pain in your ass, take them to court, depending on your local laws, just make it difficult for them to get your money, or your energy, or your time. See also step 1 and 2.

People like to complicate things. I shall give examples: Voting in Britain To vote the British have to register to vote.  The voting register should only be used for the purposes of allowing people to vote.  The State has complicated this simple process by: making everyone on the voting register liable to be called for jury service in the courts. making available the voting register to credit agencies, police, taxation agencies, intelligent agenc … Read More

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