I asked some Luciferians how they apply Luciferian principles in their daily lives, on a closed social media forum (*). Here’s what they answered.

1) A Luciferian writes:

I have used Lucifer to love myself, to evolve into a better human being, to seek the truth in all things, and to understand the meaning of what Honor is. Before, I was ”naturally” driven to grow and so I used systems which seemed to only bring me a step closer but not very far, or even just give me knowledge but not a means of applying it. Luciferianism helped me realize that I can become the God of my own life-experience and that by becoming that God, I shall attain the paradise of my dreams. I went from being addicted to cigarettes and other substances to being clean,  to graduating high school and getting my grades up, getting over past traumas, to going to college and getting on the dean’s list of academic excellence (this was a new accomplish, the dean’s list that is). I desire unlimited being and I find this through unlimited growth. Lucifer has brought this unlimited growth and thus I strive towards my own paradise and perfection of being.

2)  Another Luciferian (**) writes:

One of my projects is the marketing of a board game which ancient Celtic writers have written about.  The game has a reputation of causing Jumanji-like impacts on the life of players, which I can confirm.  The game has connections to the Grail Quest in Arthurian lore, and is slowly being incorporated in my Luciferianism.  Luciferian ideas are also behind some of the marketing of the game.  People who buy into the game will get a glimpse of a Luciferian world.

3) A third Luciferian writes:

I sought knowledge in order to let gays get married and empower them as well as myself.  When actively seeking the Truth, and not being lazy and led by the Blind, one can accomplish amazing things with that knowledge.   Lucifer is the giver of knowledge and the Flame, and now I am going to give that Flame to the World, and we will cause a transformation that will transform our world and turn all the Lead that we have accumulated in our collective Hearts, and Transform that Lead into Gold with the Phosphorus of Lucifer!


*)    The Luciferian Research Society – link (one of the disadvantages of social media is that it is closed to the interwebs unless you’re a registered user).
**)  Mabuz Luciferi (names/alias of others removed for privacy).