It’s been on my mind lately. If you’re like me you are probably working with one of the myriad ways to express the Left Hand Path, wether it is defining your own paradigm with yourself as the only God as the center of the universe, or working deeply immersed in the surviving secret documents of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The Left Hand Path is truly a path for the few. Don’t get me wrong. I know our kind has to pass through many a gate of tears, but as we know the rewards are great, the sacrifice we go through to get there is a life-long search, where we are ultimately alone, except to put all our trust in our inner divinity. I am truly happy, while it usually doesn’t show. My friends think I am not happy sometimes, but that is because I am happy inside, or content, or deeply focused in a period of my life penetrating one of the occult mysteries. The outside rarely shows much enthusiasm.

Christians, on the other hand, seem outwardly more happy. I don’t envy their sheepish and false smiles, though, since I know all Christians start out like all human beings of flesh and bone, they have their carnal lusts as anyone, but they think they are better than the rest of us, while history shows they are hypocrites and bigots, like most human beings on the planet, except they don’t address the problem, it is being masked by the act of surrendering to a deity, so their search is over. They have found happiness and saviour, they have no need to ask deep questions, since the only questions they will ask from now on, is how to relate their human nature to such an inhumane religion, to conform to their ethics, and to address the concept of sin and restriction, especially restrictions on love and sexuality, the biggest threat to God’s empire.

The myth of Lucifer being cast out of heaven, I personally compare to the feeling of being an outcast among the Christian-dominated western society. We can only feel truly at home with other people who quit the bondage and safety of the ‘Garden of Eden’ to be truly free and see the world as it is. Like adepts countless, we are the adults of the world, no longer ruled by parents.

I have moments of happiness in this mundane world but never lasting, never as care-free as the newly born again Christian who will automatically put on the false smile without blinking.

I remember my childhood as happy and careless. I escape sometimes into a world of fantasy or immerse myself in the mysteries, if you come to those dimensions, they are the only places I will be happy and cheerful.